20 – So you received a rate “Notice”

This video is a big wake up to suppressed history. Realising that we are under a lie and as it stands, no one in Oz and NZ can ever own their house. Their fees were abolished forever. Who hid this from us?

We need to band together to end this corruption. Stop paying council rates and stand together rather than comply and fall divided. If we all stop paying, Councils would shrivel up and starve.


So you received a Rates Notice from the Local Council … will you pay it without thinking nor questioning the validity of it ? So don’t just sit there and look at it – copy and paste this letter, or write your own and send it via Registered Letter

Here’s a suggested  letter to the CEO or any Local Councillor by name


Dear ……. Name                                     Property Number ………………..  Date ../../..

I received your “Notice”  dated ../../..   Your offer to do business will be considered subject to your responses to items 1 – 14 below. I advise that I am willing to contribute to the maintenance of my town/suburb/local area,  subject to your documentation of your lawful authority to impose this tax.  Bear in mind, every Local Government Act is invalid as result of 3 Referendums shown below

Sir/Madam xxxxx  – Subject to you refuting all the items below, I am happy to consider your written signed offer with quotes for services you offer. If you agree with any item simply say yes.  If you disagree, please document your reason. Your non response will be considered as your acceptance.


HCA 11 . 2015 … “ If you have an ABN and provide services for money, you are a Trading Company”    That cannot be changed or over ruled by any Statute or Act

The ATO classes Local Governments and Councils as ABN Trading Companies

Fair Work Act Sec 35 … “If you have an ABN and you employ people, You are a Company”  Companies require a written contract with full disclosure to do business with anyone.

If a State Government tries to establishes a local Government (ABN Company), it automatically is regarded as private, and cannot be a part of Government.

Yes …..    Item 1 … disagree because …..


Prior to 1900, there were no States, they were known as Colonies and were all independent, under British military law. Those independent Colonies had agreements for trade, etc under the Federal Councils of Australasia Act 1855. As free settlers began to grow in number, the People decided to unite under one form of government. Years of conventions and referendums were held and in 1898–1900 culminated in the Draft Constitution of the People which went to England for ratification. On July 9 1900, Queen Victoria signed the amended draft Constitution and returned it to Australia.     It was approved by the people and The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) was brought into Australian law on 1st January 1901 and became the Founding and Primary law for all now named States and Governments, Courts, Police and People, over and above anything in previous State or Colony laws.

Yes …..    Item 2 … disagree because ….


The states DID NOT AND TODAY DO NOT have any Authority nor power, to make Acts or Laws that are NOT MENTIONED with in the Commonwealth of the Australian Constitution Act 1901, PERIOD…. Sections 106, 107, 108, and 109 CREATED THE States . Read them, there are ALL bound by Clause 5. found on page 292.

The Parliament has no powers except those given by us the people. I cannot add new laws not give any powers to States or any private company without Referendum.and then it must be Proclaimed and gazetted showing the dates of such

Thus, State Governments have no authority to create any laws which contravene anything in the true Constitution.  Not do they have powers to give to ABN companies, any powers the State does not have. Section 109 removes the “anything” and everything whatsoever in any previous Acts regarding Local Councils being any part of government. They remain to this day as private ABN companies – nothing more.  Section 109 also nullifies every new  “law” since 1900 in any State contrived “Local Gov’t Acts,” (none of which have been lawfully proclaimed nor gazetted nor approved by Referendum, including the notorious Australia Act 1986.) THIS IS SPELLED OUT CLEARLY IN – Sec 9A of the Acts interpretation Act 1954 which is still current.  

Yes …..    Item 3 … disagree because ….


Local  councils are registered on the Stock Exchange as private companies and thus as private companies have no authority under the constitution or legislation to act in any capacity, or enforce any legislation or other functions whatsoever. 

Treasurer Peter Howard Costello & Commissioner for Taxation Michael Joseph Carmody all stated before the introduction of the infamous GST  “Goods and Services Tax”,    Quote:  “Local government Council Rates will attract no GST because Council Rates are a tax and we can’t tax a tax”.

However – Local councils do not have authority to collect taxes.  Clearly in sections 51 and 52 of the Constitution and from the Constitutional Commission (1985 – 1988) report that the power of taxation is held exclusively by the Federal Parliament.  No states have authority under the constitution to impose a tax. Clearly in sections 51 and 52 of the Constitution, and from the Constitutional Commission (1985 – 1988) report that “The power of taxation is held exclusively by the Federal Parliament.”  Thus Local Government Rates being a tax are unlawful and repugnant.

The High Court of Australia ruled that “State Governments could not raise ANY TAX”, and because of this the ‘State Excise on Fuel, Tobacco & Alcohol’ was removed.

Yes …..     Item 4 … disagree because ….


The Referendums in 1974 and 1988 specifically asked the people say … yes or no … to Local Governments (Councils)  (some which may have existed in some Colonies prior to 1900) being continued and whether new Councils could be formed  …. the continuance of and establishment of ….  The people voted an overwhelming NO … thus all Councils that may have existed, became unlawful.  They are not a part of Government and are nothing more than Private ABN companies.  They pretend to be Govt but are not.

Yes …..    Item 5 … disagree because …..


Then came their next attempt(s) … to have power over us and to tax us more.

The Australia Acts 1985 and 1986 (request Acts only) created the unlawful Local Governments. The real Queen Elizabeth the 2nd  signed on the top of the front page of those “Acts”, which means she acknowledged, but she did not sign the bottom. She told Hawke and co – “you gotta ask the people.” So we then had Referendum 1999, where those 2 Acts and everything in them were overwhelmingly rejected.  Thus the inclusion of Local Government – ( Local Councils) as a third tier of Government was rejected and they remain unlawful today. They are nothing more than ABN private companies. Their CEOs are not elected and answerable to no one, except their UN bosses, yet they control and manipulate the local Councillors. 

The 1999 Referendum totally invalidates all Local Government Acts to this day.   No new legislation can alter that fact that Local Councils can even exist. We the people said .. NO .. 3 times,

Yes …..    Item 6 …disagree because …..


Here are some of the many Acts of WILFUL TREASON

Australian Capital Territory Anglican Church of Australia Ordinance 1980 

Tasmania Anglican Church of Australia Constitution Act 1977 No 90

New South Wales Anglican Church of Australia Act 1976 No.21 

Victoria Anglican Church of Australia Constitution Act 1977 No 8984

Western Australia Anglican Church of Australia Act 1976 No 121 

South Australia Anglican Church of Australia Constitution Act 1977 No 90  

Queensland Anglican Church of Australia Act 1977

Northern Territory Anglican Church of Australia Ordinance 1978 No 5

All the above was deliberately done to remove all RIGHTS from the people of the Commonwealth of Australia as established UNDER the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901

Yes …..    Item 7 … disagree because …..


Every State created a Local Government Act by joining the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation enforced in the Australia Act 1986 Commonwealth.

Local Government Act 1993 No 95 Tasmania

Local Government Act 1993 No 30 New South Wales

Local Government Act 1989 No 11 Victoria

Local Government Act 1995 No 74 Western Australia

Local Government Act 1999 No 62 South Australia

Local Government Act 1993 No.70 Queensland

All State Governments by joining the Commonwealth as a sovereign, independent and federal nation took ownership of all land.

Lands Acquisition Act 1973, No. 208 (Clth) of 19th December 1973

which created their own “Australian Land”

 4 (1) Section 7 of the Principal Act is amended–

      (a) by omitting from sub-section (1) the words ” The Governor-General”

           and substituting the words “The Minister” = TREASON

Yes …..    Item 8 … disagree because …..


In the 1999 Referendum, we the people also voted to remain a Constitutional Monarchy – We are not a democracy (mobocracy). A lynch mob, is a democracy – the majority wants to hang the minority. WE remain a Constitutional Monarchy under English Common Law. But above all is God’s law in the KJV 1611

Yes …..    Item 9 … disagree because …..


The  Parliament and the States DO NOT have the Authority nor power to make Acts or Laws that are NOT MENTIONED with in the Commonwealth of the Australian Constitution Act 1901, PERIOD…. Sections 107, 108, and 109 MAKE a State. They are ALL bound by Clause 5.

Clause 5. – This Act, and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth, notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State

Yes …..    Item 10 … disagree because …..


The Political Parties have had their 3 goes at getting the Local Governments

through and failed,  BUT still want it.

It shows that these Politicians don’t recognize us. 

A Federal Referendum of the people is an explicitly binding Act on all Governments.

This also proves that these Australian Governments don’t represent the people of the Commonwealth of Australia as established UNDER the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as Proclaimed and Gazetted.   When Governments don’t listen to Referendums they enact TREASON upon themselves.

Yes …..    Item 11 … disagree because …..


Section 128 of the Constitution provides that any proposed law to alter the Constitution must be passed by an absolute majority in both Houses of the Commonwealth Parliament. If passed by both Houses, it is submitted to a referendum at least two months, but less than six months, after it has been passed by Parliament.

Under the superior Imperial Law – Transfer of Land Act … transfer land from the Crown to you. Fee Simple.   Only a Jury of 12 can order removal of ownership.  Clause 39 Magna Carta.   Magistrates can be appointed from a pool of JPs     Referendums 74 and 88 we said  no continuance – no establishment – no empowerment –    Councils have no lawful right to exist.

Yes …..    Item 12 … disagree because …..


Further demand will come under Sect 42 CRIMES ACT 1914 – SECT 42

Conspiracy to defeat justice

             (1)  A person commits an offence if:

                     (a)  the person conspires with another person to obstruct, to prevent, to pervert or to defeat the course of justice in relation to a judicial power; and

                     (b)  the judicial power is the judicial power of the Commonwealth.

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 10 years.

Also in Crimes Act Sec 80  1.AA   Life Imprisonment – deprived of assets

Claiming a “Commission from the Government” is an admission of Treason

1999 Referendum removed the Australia Act 1985 and 1986 and all Acts regarding Local    Government. And attempt for a Republic    Council Staff, CEOs and Councilors are accessories to the Crime.

3 x Referedums = cannot have another Local Govt Referendum  That is a Fact of Unequivocal Law:  

Yes …..    Item 13 … disagree because …..


I state as Fact as a British Subject; British a Hebrew word meaning “Covenant Man” or “Man of the Covenant”, that all Judges, Magistrates, Lawyers, Police, Governor Generals, Attorney Generals, and Politicians, have at Law a requirement to take the Oath of Office for Allegiance to the Crown, ( King David’s Crown) of the covenant to maintain the Laws of God found in the first five books of the King James Bible 1611 from this all man-made legislation is strictly prohibited, this is the Law of Oath to the B.A.R. “British Accreditation Registry” All above must report to the British Monarch who is the Head of the B.A.R. which clearly orders all above to obey the “Laws of God” This is the Law, and why the King James Bible 1611 is the only instrument at Law for a Court to Sit in competent jurisdiction 

Yes …..    Item 14 … disagree because …..

Sir/Madam xxxxx  – subject to you refuting all 14 items, I am happy to consider your written signed offer and quotes for services your company offers.


                                                                      Signed ……….               All rights reserved