08 – Tips for men


Easiest way to start is to check all the prostate formulas in the Health/Natural section of ur pharmacy. Look for high ZINC value because like many minerals, they absorb poorly, the best being Zn acetate/ascorbate/ glycinate/sulfate perhaps in that order.
Next mineral is Selenium, best form methionate.
A small amount of Copper is often needed to balance the Zn
N>B>. Care is needed with each of these as are toxic if too much taken, so don’t exceed the dose.
Vit K2-7 or NattoKinase; Vit E, preferably multi-tocopherol [ but not usually found in these formulas]; Vit C- again choices ltd in these multi formulas- liposomal, or ascorbate
Iodine and chromium help also
Flaxseed oil is good, liquid is cheaper [ and you can get de-odorised ones that are nicer to take], or capsules
Epilobium herbal tea
Horny Goat weed helps many [ men, not just the goats ]
CoQ10 – again some forms are better, but rarely found in Australia
These will also help with tiredness, blood sugar and cancer. Cut out sugars and all oils for cooking except coconut and macadamia. Olive is good but heat destroys it, so add after cooking. FRESH, RAW and LOCAL where possible. Garlic, ginger, lemon, tumeric [ add black pepper and coconut oil to catalyse it for better absorption ]
And don’t forget the oxygen agents such as peroxide.

Keith Bastian