17 – A Child in Australia Dies Three Hours After Receiving Six vaccines

A Child in Australia Dies Three Hours After Receiving Six vaccines
15 July 2018    video below

On 10 July 2017 (one year ago) an infant in Perth died three hours after receiving 6 vaccines – including the Flu vaccine and MMR vaccine. Did you read about this in the mainstream corporate-sponsored media?

The Perth doctor described the child’s presentation as “normal” even though the child had flu symptoms. The doctor added the flu vaccine to his shots even though it is not on the national schedule for infants at 12 months.  The parents were told that he didn’t have a temperature so vaccinating for flu would be fine. Three hours after receiving the 6 vaccines on 10 July 2017 – including Flu vaccine and MMR – the child died and the coroner stated months later that this was due to an “unknown health problem” – chronic heart defect (CHD). The parents have stated that CHD was never detected at any stage of prenatal ultrasounds or at the time of discharge after delivery at the hospital. CHD was never discussed with the parents prior to the death.

Vaccines are being ignored as the cause of death in these cases even though it is known that the ingredients of vaccines are linked to severe allergies, chronic autoimmune diseases, autism and death. And even though these illnesses are escalating in all highly vaccinated populations.

Can this be described as a “protective” public health policy by the Australian government and Medical Board of Australia (MBA) when diseases / deaths in children are increasing and not declining?  And when governments are being allowed to ignore these skyrocketing illnesses and deaths in children?  

In Australia the MBA considers that “hidden health problems” are an acceptable explanation for deaths and illnesses that occur after vaccination.  They are doing this by ignoring the medical literature that demonstrates that the ingredients of vaccines are causing these diseases and that they will affect people differently according to their genetic-makeup. Quack science is being used to underpin coercive and mandatory vaccination policies in Australia.

This is why the vaccination debate in Australia is being censored.  

Now we hear of two deaths to MMR vaccine in Samoa and the MMR vaccine has been removed from the market in Samoa. Australian doctors are going over to Samoa to do the autopsies on these children. I wonder what they will find? Currently the mainstream Australian media is promoting influenza vaccine to 5 year olds based on the apparent death of a child in Australia to the flu virus yet there has been no coverage of the death of this child in Perth – a death that
occurred 3 hours after receiving 6 vaccines at the same time in July 2017.

Similarly the Australian media has not mentioned the 1000’s of adverse events including 100’s of convulsions, seizures and permanent disability / death of children to flu vaccine in Australia in 2009 / 2010.  This occurred one year after the West Australian government had trialed the influenza vaccine in WA children in 2008 with a fear campaign in the media.

After these severe reactions to CSL’s H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccine in 2010 (promoted in media fear campaigns as the ‘swine-flu’ vaccine), the children’s flu vaccine was removed from the Australian market and investigated by the same  team of researchers that trialed and promoted this ‘H1N1 swine-flu’ vaccine to the public in 2008 / 9. A significant conflict of interest. 

Now, in 2018, the Australian health department and media are promoting another H1N1 flu vaccine to children and all this history is being ignored by the health department, the MBA and the media. Our media, government and the Medical Board of Australia are indoctrinating the public with false and misleading information about vaccines and infectious diseases.

This is a political situation resulting from the conflicts of interest in institutions that has produced an institutional bias in the medical literature that is being used to educate politicians, journalists and the public. This is why I have informed parents in my latest presentation at the Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Sydney (30 June 2018) that you do not need a medical degree to make a decision about using vaccines.

This is a political situation and the Australian government has violated the Nuremberg Code by mandating with coercive financial bribes – to doctors and parents – this medical procedure that is described by governments ‘as unavoidably unsafe’.  This is clearly a policy that will result in serious harm to many people in genetically diverse populations and this is why Sweden, Columbia and now Italy will not be adopting mandatory vaccination policies.

Here is a link to my presentationbelow  that describes why the Australian government’s unlawful social welfare policies that mandate 16 vaccines in a genetically diverse population cannot protect human health.   

Judy Wilyman PhD
Bachelor of Science, University of NSW