25 – Flu Shot is Designed To Spread Cancer – Doctor Admits!

First a short video from a nurse who quit after learning the truth 


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Dr. John Bergman blows out the truth on flu shots in this video from NeonNettle.com   He says the elites are pushing “Flu Panic” right now.  The American lung association keeps statistics and they say in a nation of over 350 million people only about 1200 people per year die of the flu!   You have a better chance of dying in an Earthquake!  Are you worried much about that?

Oxygen Is The Key To Healing!

NOTE – I am not into promoting pills and potions – there are lots of natural ways to up your oxygen levels – Boost your body’s voltage and oxygen! 

No 1 is plenty of sensible exercise and you don’t need to pay at a gym.  The correct doses of Hydrogen Peroxide are a big help too. 

Healing Is In The Blood!