31 – Protect yourself against 5g radiation and aches and pains.

How many people do you know who suffer from all kinds of aches and pains ?  and they spend thousand$ on medication or even surgery.

Most is now preventable.

No doubt you took the time to look at the frightening dangers of 5G towers and the power and deadly radiation, even if you don’t have a mobile phone.

https://larryhannigan.com/world-events/64-5g-a-blessing-or-a-deadly-curse/  and  https://larryhannigan.com/health/19-your-local-5g-tower-can-kill/

Since the turn of the 19th century we have been aware of Tesla Technology and certain machines called radionics machines, that could correct aberrant disease frequencies and optimize the healthy frequencies.

Unfortunately these various machines were very expensive, not very portable, and required a sophisticated level of training and skill to operate.
Thus they were rather exclusive and time consuming.  

Although natural living and highest level nutrition moves us toward optimal frequencies on every level, it is a select few who were disciplined enough, and loved themselves enough, to be able to hold this energy over a sustained period of time without a great deal of support.

I recently discovered the Quantum Resonance Technology of Aegea.  

It’s an amazing advanced technology in a simple form, from which almost anyone can benefit.  This a portable wearable technology, an extraordinary technical biophysics breakthrough not only for radiation, but for aches and pains we all inevitably experience

There are several aspects to this resonance technology that work together in a beautiful synergy. The main piece is the Quantum Card.  The Quantum Card helps bring healing healthy and harmonizing frequencies to water or food or beverages, and upgrades our organ frequencies, our cellular frequencies, and the frequencies of our body fluids including blood and lymphatics.    see the video below

There is a range of cards available for your various needs

Worldwide research has shown that even 3G technology is directly associated with an increase of a variety of brain and parotid gland cancers, particularly in children as well as adults. 3G technology has also been associated with imbalances in blood sugar, and activating type two diabetes.  When people get in a high EMF field their blood sugars begin to skyrocket. They are forced to find EMF free zones which has become more more difficult.

Five G technology is predicted to be a major assault on every level of our health. These products will block the toxic radiation from our Computers, Cell phones, Smart Meters and other technology including the powerful 5G cell towers popping up everywhere. But the most significant thing based on research, is it will protect us from 5G all the way up to 7G.

This is an MLM based on genuine products.  When you join and order, you will get your own website and you can give people a choice to protect themselves against the the ever increasing radiation environment from EMF and help you and loved ones of any age, with many other aches and pains.   

Profits will go to support the running costs of my website

To get started and to order your patches or cards go to: www.aegea.com/larryhannigan

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