25 – God’s Music and Numbers

1 – Short intro … How Music Affects Plants and Animals.   Music can be used to incite and inhibit plant growth, depending on the type of music that is played. Melodies have also been shown to soothe animals that are frightened or cause animals to kill. Therefore, choose music that benefits your plants and animals.  Cows on our farm loved Country Music, but they always pooped a lot and became agitated when the adverts came on.

The Frequency Change from 432hz to 440hz

In the 1930s the Rothchilds and other so-called ‘elite’ families of the World decided to weaponise music. The healing and peaceful standard vibrational frequency was taken away and replaced by the 440 frequencyWHY ?    

We know that everything is vibration and how as humans we are heavily influenced by sound, and in particular music. Musical frequencies have the ability to either raise or lower our vibrations which affects our mood, our connections with others around us, and our ability to raise our consciousness. The music conspiracy goes much deeper than distorted sounds.  What better way then to keep humanity scraping the vibrational barrel than to meddle with the very frequencies of music?

Music at 432hz has a light, natural, healing feel to it. It has a feel-good factor, and lift your mood. It makes you feel alive. At 440hz we are pulled down into a dark vibrational frequency which is where the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ want to keep us. Everything is done to keep us in a low vibration which is why we live in a World of perpetual War and suffering. They feed from our fear and negativity so what better way than to infuse negativity into music?

Just listen to some of the trash that is classed as ‘music’ these days. Most of it is absolute garbage which literally causes a lot of discomfort to my ears on a personal level. You can just feel the evil undertones. Much of it is now sexualised with promotion of violence and materialism. There is nothing peaceful or healing about it.

Just look at the artists that spoke about love and caring for each other. John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley etc all died young under very suspicious circumstances. Mention love these day and you can guarantee a smear campaign at the very least!  We need to bring back the 432hz! You can still convert your music to 432hz thankfully, and there are a lot of playlists on You Tube which have already been converted. Test them out and see if you notice a difference, raise your vibes!

2 – God’s Music and Numbers – The Maths

3 – Why are there 12 Notes in Music ?

4 – Music which is designed to kill you

4 – Moonlight Sonata 432 – You might notice a Piano and a Cello

5 – The beauty of sound when it is in tune with creation. Slowed down just enough to obtain control tone 68 Hz at beginning.  Multi-layered the glyphs. The back is “chord” (12 rays) in water…prominent image in front is of the tones in the melody (8 rays). The images do rotate a bit, naturally, clockwise and/or counter-clockwise. The “sophisticated equipment” is so simple – might surprise you! Well. the C# IS 68 Hz  so, the A is 432 Hz .  This is the full original composition SLOWED DOWN.