23 – Why do people believe a Globe Earth?

To some people. no explanation is necessary – to others, none is possible. Try to watch these 1st video pics with an open mind. You may need to pause to read all the text.      Then see measurements below. 

Since our first day at kindergarten, we were presented with the globe model of our Earth, followed by an unquestioning lifetime of sci-fi movies.  This video is not about Flat Earth, rather it is a thorough scientific investigation showing that the Earth as we know it, cannot be a globe.

This controversial subject is being investigated more than ever thanks to communication technology. The Globe theory was introduced some 500 years ago. It claims the Earth is a globe spinning around the Sun in an endless universe with no creator, or if there is one, he is somewhere away out there and is not really interested in a tiny speck of dust we call Earth.  Such a universe is also essential to have aliens who may travel billions of miles to visit us for what ever reason. Such a trip could be likened to a few lizards crossing the Pacific Ocean in a dingy. The aliens theory also eliminates the Bible and fallen angels.   So leave your preconceived ideas and watch it all for 92 minutes instead of a sports event.