44 – Moon landing fact or fiction

This doc was made many years ago

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

Video 2 – Wiki releases footage of filming in the Nevada desert


  1. Why have we never gone back to the Moon? 
  2. If we could go to the moon in 1969 without computers, why can’t we go today when we do  have them?
  3. How can NASA get away with ‘losing’ all the schematics, plus all the tapes, and use that as an excuse not to do today what we were able to do in 1969, and without any computers?
  4. If NASA lost the schematics, why can’t they duplicate them today, since there were no computers, and the little tin cans they show in the Space Museum could almost be designed by a 12-year-old anyway.   Why can’t they remember even the basics to tell us all how they were able to get through the Van Allen belts?  We don’t need the schematics, and we’ll take their word for it, and there has to be SOMEBODY at NASA that can give a simple answer, and not duck around the question by the ‘lost schematics’ excuse.   Apparently it was such a piece of cake to go to the moon back then, that they even took their golf clubs with them.  Along with the wires to set up their hokey American flag, claiming ownership of the moon.   How did they get the rover there?   Some demonstrations, answers to those simple, basic questions would be appreciated!   Otherwise, what are we paying those people for?  To lie to us?   The lies are more like giant whoppers, IMO. 
  5. Why are the taxpayers still paying for NASA lies?   Why do we need them?   (Answer:  We DON’T!).  Why does NASA go on year after year telling big whoppers and doing absolutely nothing for any of us?   Since it’s obvious they don’t work for us, maybe it’s time to close down NASA, and not have to put up with seeing their faces and their lame excuses in children’s school textbooks and on the TV and Internet? 
  6. Since we planted that flag on the moon, on TV, does the world agree that the U.S. owns the moon? Do you believe the U.S. owns the Moon?   Hmm…. Who really does believe the U.S. ‘owns’ the moon?  
  7. Repeat:  Why have we never gone back to the moon?   Why has nobody else gone there?    
  8. If the one thing holding back anymore repeat trips to the moon is locating the lost schematics, then why is this not a priority, to locate them?   Why doesn’t anyone seem to care that all this information that is holding back civilization in such a huge way has all mysteriously disappeared?   You would think it would be an ongoing search, and that there would be TV specials on it every week, news reports going on daily about clues or progress in discovering the schematics, news on any progress that the government is making to locate those schematics or find out what happened to them, find the spy or the villain who stole them, whatever?  
  9. Or even to recreate them?  What effort is being made to recreate the schematics? How hard can it be to recreate the schematics from 50 years ago?   You mean to say that technology was more advanced 50 years ago than it is today?   Does NASA or anybody else seriously expect anybody to believe these lamest of lame excuses?   No, they don’t expect us to believe it, just to ignore and let them get away with it.  Because they are special, and they can do whatever they want because they are part of The Club (the secret society Club of Satan.) 
  10. Does anybody really believe the lame excuses that NASA is giving to us, [on behalf of the Freemasons who own us and run this country:  the gangsters, the liars, the murdering opportunists who own this country and the world pretty much on behalf of Lucifer, who all sold their souls for a few years of fun and games of murder and extortion and torture and war? We’re the USA,” ] 
  11. Who really believes there ever were any schematics or plans?   Apparently many people do believe that the U.S. did go to the moon, not just once but seven times, so what is their reason for why we’ve not gone back again?   The schematic plans for seven moon landings all got lost?  And then suddenly NASA forgot?  You mean to say they pulled out all the schematics every time they were going to go to the moon?   They started all over again, inventing new schematics?   Nobody remembers anything about how they got there?  Anybody who believes this kind of BS is delusional and should go to the doctor to get checked for advanced Alzheimers.  
  12. If it’s so easy to go to the moon that you can go in a tin can like they have in the Space Museum in DC, then why haven’t the Russians or the Chinese gone?   Well, we know they did recently pull off an obvious spoof moon voyage, to mock the U.S, by their own fake missions.  Russian and Chinese space missions were not even really seriously presented to anybody as anything but fake, and were just their way to mock the U.S. – as in, yeah, our missions are fake, and we are not even trying to say otherwise, but the point in our doing this is to rub your noses in your own disgusting fake moon landings, United States of Barbarians.   IOW, Russia and China are mocking us.   That’s obvious.  The U.S. isn’t fooling anybody.  Nobody could be as stupid and gullible as our own government considered its own citizens to be back 50 years ago when they pulled that stunt on all of us!  
  13. IOW, America is a sick joke.   We can thank the Satanists (ie Freemasons) with their horned hands and their stupid, disgusting 666 hand signals to Satan as they suppose they are putting a hex on us.   They already are the hex, and they are all walking hexes in their own right.  They are the ones who will pay for what they did for Satan to hurt all the rest of us on Satan’s behalf;  and eternity is a long time to regret being a secret society sellout liar, murderer, thief, scammer, and destroyer. 
  14. If the U.S. has so much wonderful technology that we can travel to the moon, go through the Van Allen belts like it’s nothing, then really there’s nothing we cannot do.   So why is America concentrating all her genius and super-human abilities to destroy the rest of the planet instead of making it a paradise?   If we have all this going for us, then why are we so worried about Venezuela’s oil competing with our own?   Aren’t there any minerals on the moon?   Is the moon a useless piece of real estate?   Is America short on oil that we have to destroy all the other nations who have oil?   What’s the deal with the U.S. blowing up the planet over oil when we already have plenty of oil?  Since it’s so easy to get to the moon and back, why is the U.S. not capitalizing on this vast resource?   Why instead is the U.S. trying to steal the resources of our neighbors in South America, in Venezuela, and now about to build a big stupid wall to keep the South Americans we’ve impoverished out of America?   If we own almost an entire continent, sea to shining sea, with any kind of resource and water any country could possibly want, not to mention the moon also – why are we so worried about everybody else that we have to fly around the planet dropping bombs on people just because they might have something we want?
  15. We obviously have limitless resources and technology, so why do we need all that the rest of the world has on top of what we already have?, After all, back in 1969 the United States flew Buzzed Aldrin, Neal Armstrong and the other AstroNOT to the moon and back, like it was a walk in the park.  We did it without computers, and pulled it all off in a few weeks of testing and preparation (and dress rehearsals with Bill Kaysing).   We sent the AstroNOTs there and they even took their golf clubs with them so they could play golf on the moon.   But now 50 years later we haven’t even been back, and we threw the resources of the moon in the trash, and now we’re just worried about a little bit of oil that the Venezuelans have? Oh yes, and also the gold that Libya had (that we stole after we murdered Khadafi and destroyed Libya); and the gold of Iran that we also stole, destroying all these countries to get their measly gold and stop them from living.   But meantime we have the ability to get to the moon like it’s as easy as driving to the grocery store down the road to pick up some eggs?  We are not able to exploit all the minerals on the moon, for WHAT REASON?   It’s obvious that we can easily get to the moon any day of the week, and who needs technology or computers?  We didn’t have it back 50 years ago, so what’s the big deal today?  Why can’t anybody remember how we did it?   Why are we spending billions for a military to destroy ancient civilizations, blow up families, little kids, and destroy these countries, so we can get their gold, their oil, whatever it is we’re after with all these wars against the world?   Why are we doing this?   Does it make any sense?
  16. And how come it’s okay for Satanists to rule over us, if we are supposed to be a Christian nation?  How come the POTUS is always flashing the 666, and soon as he sits down he’s in pose position to Lucifer?   Are Christians that dedicated to God that we are always signaling worship to God?    Do these Satanists love their god more than Christians love our Creator/Savior God?    And why are we contributing our time, money, taxes, blood, to support them in their endeavors to destroy the whole world?   That’s what the Bible calls Last Days United States:  Daughter of Babylon:   Destroyer of the Whole Earth; also Destroying Mountain; also Hammer of the Whole Earth.    

I ask these questions to all of you ‘out there’ who hate me because I tell you that the so-called “Moon Landings Fairy Tale” was all a big, stupid hoax, unrivaled in hubris and audacity in the history of mankind.   I think God might have allowed this to happen so that some of us might wake up to just how deceitful and wicked this world really is, and how wicked and pervasive the secret societies are.   We should be able to see, by the Moon Landings Hoax if nothing else, what kind of people run the planet on behalf of Lucifer and the Secret Societies.   In the end it was our own lying, devil-worshipping, Freemasonic leaders and their hired stooges in the Brotherhood who  pulled the hoax on us.   

If all you guys who hate me so much for claiming that we never went to the moon, and if you all really do believe we went there, then please answer even one of the questions I’ve posed.  

Check out “Falling to Pieces for Israel,” “We’re the USA,” “Somebody to Bomb,” “Putin Never Quits,” and “Obama, the Song, by Dave Martin, and guaranteed to break your heart, if you’re willing to get it broken over the Truth.   These links are more valuable than anything I’ve written.   And the link to Bart Sibrel’s documentary is also.  But I can’t help myself to rant away.   I don’t care if any of you read what I’ve said, but PLEASE watch the documentary link, and also click on these others from Dave Martin.  Go ahead and get your heart broken, because it’s good for you!   

Hey, guys.   I know some of you hate me because I’m always telling you this world is run by Freemasons and Satanists, and that they are evil scum of the earth and that they LIE.   That the real enemy is us, not the people who live across the ocean and have no weapons, no military.  Our enemies are not the poor people of South America who are trying to get into the U.S. so they can have food and shelter for themselves and their children, because the U.S. is always working to destroy the countries of South America, to assassinate their leaders, to just push them away and install our own puppets, and to steal their resources, undermine their economies.   You guys, some of you, think I’m a left-wing commie, or some kind of dangerous traitor, because with me it’s not America Right or Wrong – it’s America IS WRONG, and America is GOING TO BE DESTROYED according to the Holy Bible, and it’s going to happen really soon (ie in less than two years).   I’ve even provided dates.   This makes me a kook and a date setter (which is a no-no to be a date-setter.)    But the Bible gave us a date, based on the star sign of Revelation 12 which was fulfilled on 9/23/17.   The Bible is the date setter, not me.   I’m just a dummy who knows how to read, and I’m not too proud to read and believe the Bible.   I’m not even that much of a Bible reader.   If I was reading the Bible as much as I SHOULD be reading it, I’d be really bugging everybody with what I say.   But I have enough evidence already, that I don’t need anymore to make my point. 

POPULAR SCIENCE (AKA POPULAR FAIRY TALES FOR SATANISTS):  https://www.popsci.com/military-aviation-amp-space/article/2008-09/brief-history-apollo-hoax/   This is one example of the World’s Luciferian Paid Liars, exalted to positions of influence in this world.   Very clever article trying to debunk the Truth.   I’m just reminding everybody that the Bible flat out tells us this world is BAD, that it’s run top to bottom by Luciferian sell outs.   The Bible is our lifeline to sanity and truth, and anybody who is caught up in the web of deceit and death that this world is, should just stop and take a deep breath and clear their mind, and think about it.   Our Creator gave us a Bible we can believe and trust, and God is the only one who was here when Creation came into existence.   The only eye witness to His own Creation.   The Creation reveals the Creator, and there is NO EXCUSE NOT TO BELIEVE IN GOD.   Anybody who is caught up in the hypnotic spell of this evil world and still cannot see through the lies, even in these days of computers, when we can research anything with a few clicks on the keyboard (so there’s no excuse for anyone) …  

And what exactly is my point?:  My point is that this world is a big fat lie.   Almost everything we’ve ever been told is a lie.   This world is not run by nice Capitalist, Democratic, Constitutional, Christian believers in freedom and justice for all.   That’s a sick joke.   This world is run by Satan and his secret society henchmen:  just like the Bible warns us.   Billions of Bibles are sold, given away, all over the world.   And almost everybody owns two or three Bibles.   There are churches on every street corner of America.   Supposedly, there are billions of believers in the Bible who would rather die than deny the Bible, one single word of that Bible, but the truth is that those who run this planet pretty much are sellouts to Lucifer.   The full collection of U.S. horrors against the world  is in the table in this article,


LEAST OF OUR WORRIES:  Soon, the PTB know, things will become so confusing, so horrific (with wars, floodings, volcanoes, meteors and tsunamis), that the last thing on anybody’s mind will be the moon hoax.   Soon, the PRB know, that almost everyone will be all wired up, connected to artificial intelligence, into a central computer, and straight on into their god Lucifer’s own mind.   And Lucifer will achieve his big dream to ‘be as God’ – and he will know everyone’s thoughts just like God knows all our thoughts and intentions now.  So Lucifer will get to be “god’ for awhile – but only to those who agree to get wired up, which most of us will become martyrs before THAT happens!   ( I hope!)   I speak of those who the Bible refers to as the “Meek” of this earth, those of us who have steeled ourselves up with the Word of God, so we know what we’re facing, and what the stakes are, and we are not going to throw away our immortal soul for a few years of thrills with Lucifer in Last Days Tribulation.    

PRICELESS POSSESSION TRASHED:  The rest of the people who don’t care, who live for the moment, who have no regard or love of Truth,  who sell out so cheap ( ie:  like the Hollywood stars who sell their souls for a few years of fame and fortune) – will go marching off to the Abyss, never to return.    

  1.  Never caring, never acknowledging the Creator, that we are here for a test, and just being like dumb animals and led about by emotions,
  2. led by the nose by Satan, never caring what is true or not true, just going along like dumb animals,
  3. quenching their own spirits, having no care for what is true or not, inventing their own myths and fables.    

TO LOVE AND MAKE A LIE:  And in the end, just as the Bible says, they will be in Hell, as will also be all those who ‘love and make a lie’ as the last page in the Bible warns us, God’s last plea. 

The real Bible (to those living in delusion, who care not to guard their hearts and minds with sound reasoning and love of the Truth):

  1. Television and now the Stupidphones as I call them, and also the Internet is corrupted and poisoned now.  
  2. Satan’s lies.   The real god  of this world (in the hearts of most people) is Satan, NOT CHRIST.   By choice, most people follow another god who they have chosen to make ruler of this earth.   Satan is not the holy God of the scriptures, but the fallen angel called LUCIFER who rules this planet through his sellout followers —  and Satan will continue to  do so for 5 more years according to the Bible itself.   5 more years of horrors while the arch-enemy of mankind and of God rules this world through his own servants on this world:  Freemasons, Satanists (which is what Freemasons are), secret societies of all kinds (all connected to Freemasonry).   The last 3.5 years Satan will incarnate and rule as the Jewish (false) Messiah. 

FALSE CHRISTIANS and WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING:  All these so-called Christians who say they believe the Bible, really do not.   They are therefore not really Christians – and their real trust is in their elected government leaders and their military and the television, radio, movies, novels, newspapers.    The Bible is just quaint blabber to most of these fake Christians.   

The Bible says this world is not our friend, and that Satan is the god of this world.   But who do you see that really believes this to be true?   Do the pastors believe it?   Or, have the pastors, along with most everybody else, sold out to the world, to Satan, and are spreading just as many lies and frauds about as any Fox News or CNN or NY Times or all the rest of the nonsense the world offers us on behalf of their god, Lucifer. 

Since Lucifer is proclaimed to be ‘the god of this world’ (as scripture itself informs us), we should not be surprised to find out that most everything the world has to tell us is a big lie.   

MOON HOAX is OVER THE TOP:  When it comes to big fat lies, the Moon Hoax is way up there at the top of the pile in big hoaxes that the world’s system has pulled off on We the Dummies.    Anybody who seriously believes that the reason we’ve not been back to the moon is because NASA lost the schematics, is worse than stupid.   They are self-delusional by choice! 

NOT A THEORY:   Those of us who don’t believe this crap are not conspiracy theorists.   We are conspiracy realists.  Who are all these people who are working so hard for Satan, to pull the wool over the eyes of the rest of you all?    

  1. It’s Freemasons, secret societies, and JFK told us that just before he was assassinated.   Remember that?   And his son John was assassinated, and his brother Bobby  Kennedy was also assassinated.   Elected political leaders who do not go along with the Satanists, the Freemasons, the sell outs, are going to be persecuted, and most likely they will be killed too.   But, hey, what an honour, actually, to be off’d for telling the truth, for standing up for God and common sense and justice.   In the end, we ‘conspiracy theorists’ are not the dummies of the world, and the Bible says on the very last page, that all the rest of you people are the liars, and you all just love and make lies.   You all  love the world’s system that pays you to sell out,  and you all love and make a lie.   So as a result of your own wilfull self-delusion, you are all going to Hell.   Forever.   So in the end, who is the big dummy?  Who are the real conspirators?   Those of us who use common sense and believe the Bible?   Or those who willingly follow after outrageous, big fat impossible lies?  You self-delusional sell outs are the real conspirators (with Satan), and you are also the real dummies.  It’s totally stupid to trade in your eternity for a few pathetic years of life in this miserable Evil Empire, so you can get a pat on the back from your fellow pirates and Freemasonic Luciferians and maybe they will even throw you a bone or two.  
  2. You guys think you are so clever, but you are the biggest losers ever.   You guys are so delusional and misled that you think you are God, that you can invent your own Truth, and whatever your fairy tales are that you invent will all come true for you, just because you want them to.   IOW, you think you’re God, and you think you have the same omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient powers of the self-existent Creator of All.   Talk about being insane.   Yeah.  You self-worshipping Lucies are totally insane.   (‘Lucies’ = Luciferians)

The Internet is the people’s media, to some degree, and ordinary people like myself and others are free to publish our opinions on or through  the Net.   But we are just poor nobodies, and why would anybody care what a so-called ‘conspiracy theorist’ has to say?    The Bible itself, according to the scoffers, is just one more conspiracy theorist book of fairy tales invented by maybe paranoid wackos, who eat locusts and honey, who have no place to lay their heads, just like Jesus did not have a place of His own on this Earth.   He didn’t own even a cave or a hut to call his own by this world’s standards, had no deeds to any property, and all He owned were the clothes on his back.   Any shelter He had was provided to Him by charity from His friends and family.   Jesus never owned anything on this earth, except His own soul and his own integrity.  And of course Jesus is the Creator of this Earth and will judge all of us on the Last Day.   So really, the One who owned it all humbled Himself to come down to our level and teach us and be an example to us, and yet the churches flee from His words, and mock his teachings as ‘silly parables.’   God has given us all power in these Last Days to stand up for the Truth.    

LAST QUESTION:  Why have people put aside their computers in favour of Stupidphones?   So they can share pictures of their lunch and their cats with a social media playground set up by Satan and his followers and get distracted away from what’s going on under our noses?