48 – Postmaster General + David-wynn:Millar – Russell-jaye:Gould + Sgt Robert Horton

Video 1 – Closure of the Postmaster General

Mark: Christopher, TOOK this FOR THE GLOBAL-QUANTUM-GRAMMAR-COLLEGIUM:      http://www.csscpsg.org

Video 2A simpler explanation of Video 1 – NWO plans since 1933

Video 3 The US Military is aware and acting – Obama has been executed = Fake News ? who can know, but many military do.

The original long video containg many subjects has been shortened as it contains USA things and politicians with whom we are not familiar   – here are a few items.  Watch all of this one for Trump’s role too.

Learn more of the extraordinary mind of David-wynn: Millar – from several of his seminars on Youtube.  Type in – david wynn miller quantum language parse syntax grammar

Lucifer is mentioned often in the above vids – Who and where is he now ?