Must see – Vaccines and 5G – now and history

Surprise – This is a one item mail out.

There has been a flood of items and dire warning about both 5G and the Corona virus – BS theories about who owns it, who invented it … etc.

I grabbed this one in case it is removed so please share far and wide.

The first 20 minutes really backs up what many have already worked out. The rest is for the serious people –the history of vaccines over the last 100 years. Yeah, you might defend the wonders of the polio and other alleged cures of the past, so before you resort to bleating “conspiracy theory”, I encourage you to see this and know the facts and what to do

Yes, It is hard to believe that some people could be so evil. Well, it is all forewarned in Ephesians 6:12 … For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


More scare tactics ? 

Can you believe this notice from Aust Post ?  Oh my …

We’ve made some changes to our delivery process due to the increasing impact of coronavirus

Dear Larry,

The health and safety of our people and customers in the communities in which we operate is our priority.
We have now implemented additional measures with our delivery drivers and posties when delivering parcels.

To minimise the risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus, when the customer answers the door, our people who make deliveries will greet them and ask: “Are you unwell?  If so, have you been diagnosed with the coronavirus?”.   If they answer yes to either of these questions, we will ask them to stay inside and leave the parcel on the front door for them to collect once our driver has left.
We will not be asking for a signature on delivery in these cases and our driver will sign on their behalf and take a photograph of delivery.

As we work through the implications of this virus, we wanted you to consider proactively waiving the signature on delivery requirement to make life easier on our drivers and posties. We thank you for your support while we implement these new measures to ensure our people and customers continue to stay safe and healthy.

Kind regards,
Australia Post










Christian Porter – Fluoride – 5G and Aust Fema Camps – Council Elections.

Council Elections.

Australian Attorney General (not a) Christian Porter

Fluoride – 5G and Aust Fema Camps

Hate letters

Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a crystal clear stream.  Picture yourself with both your hands in the cool running water.

Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air. No one knows your secret place.

You are in far from that hectic place called the World. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air

The water is so clear you can make out the face of the Greens Politician or Local Councillor you are holding underwater.

See, it worked. You’re smiling. You feel better already.

1 – Council Elections. 

So we gotta vote for people wanting to be paid big $$ to get a job with a criminal unlawful ABN Company. What is the cost of these mails in your letterbox, over 14 million voters, which you gotta take to the polling booth

vote 1

When you go into the privacy of the booth, take a strong black felt pen with you into the booth – I cannot vote,  I am not a shareholder of your unlawful private ABN Company”  I wonder how that will be counted ?

2 – Australian Attorney General (not a) Christian Porter

Christian Porter

3 – Fluoride – 5G and Aust Fema Camps

Fluoridated drinking and showering water is definitely making you lot alarmingly apathetic, (and don’t brush your teeth with it)

From a telecommunications Engineer with 20 years world wide ‘EMF device’ installation experience, and I’m telling you the ‘Hospitals’ and other concentrated area’s across the planet are absolutely loaded with weaponized 5G – 85% of my work colleagues were ex-Military.

Watch this – – and definitely see:  explaining that our main concern is not actually the “Virus”, has gone completely viral now, with millions of views, because virus’s aren’t the people’s genuine problem!

The pathogens and pernicious nastiness is as simple as 5G and Bill and Melinda Gates’s propagandised CV wet dream Vaccine, which has already been created to be the magical solution to the problem these Bankrupted and publicly proud eugenicists have caused to begin with!

4 – Concentration camps in Australia

Have been built and ready to go for decades, If you utter the insult “conspiracy theorist”   I’ll scream!

Concentration camps you ask? See here;     hmm some links in there are gone.

There’s one at the Gold Coast (I’ve been there), Beerburrum,Newcastle, Central Qld and Melbourne are some I have heard of. Probably many more.

USA INC has over 800 concentration/Fema camps built ready to be filled with terrified persons.

Legal definition of Person, Black’s Law Dictionary;

Legal definition of Human Being, Black’s Law Dictionary;







Corona Scare racket continues

1 – Before we get to the serious bits, note these, then see items 2 and 3 

corona 4 pics

“Is the Coronavirus all fake and just a new super flu or something with similar symptoms?  Millions die every year from Pneumonia anyway. (Get some liquid Vitamin C and a sensible diet)  The whole world is being scared into accepting any “new” vaccine that will be released as “the” cure for Coronavirus and more than likely, it will be compulsary.  Millions will line up for such vaccine(s) which will be surely be the lethal one that Bill Gates and the elite want for their 90% world population reduction”. They are deadly serious.   Either way – real or not, the tactics are working

2 – The scare tactics continue –

3 – Warnings of the Last Days







Mayor admits fraud + Culleton Court + 5G

1 – Local Council Mayor admits fraud

Remember – In all States, Local Government Acts were enacted AFTER we rejected the Australia Act etc, in the 1999 Referendum.

Local Government Acts were enacted under a Political Party Republican Emblem and copyrighted. (massive fraud)

Here is what we are supposed to bow down to –

Land (Holding Amendment) Act1992 Act No.17 of 1992. Political Parties Republic Public Seal of the State and Copyrighted.

‘Only persons authorised to deal with ‘Queensland Government’ land

‘15B. Only the Minister, or a person authorised by the Minister, may deal with land held under the name ‘Queensland Government’.’.         

© The State of Queensland 1992.  

No Crown law is Copyrighted.

This restrained the Queen by using the Political Parties Republican Public Seal of the State to take over all land in Queensland = Treason

And here is more of their fraud – 

Local Government Act 1993 No.70 Sealed by the Political Parties Republic Public Seal of the State and copyrighted © The State of Queensland 1993



  1. In this Act—

“local government” means a local government established under this Act;

“local government area” means a part of the State that is established as a local government area under this Act;

Queensland so called “Government” claims to own all Land in Queensland for THEIR sovereign, independent and federal nation and THEIR Local Government (Councils) are an extortion racket as well as verifying their Treason.

According to this, their Act; Local Government is established under the Political Parties Republic for their sovereign, independent and federal nation.

Wake up people – their Acts are fraud and are invalid – Section 109  CWA Act Constitution 1901


2 – Rod Culleton in Court

Some of you have already seen this from last November

Remember – The Western Australian Parliament removed Her Most Excellent Majesty, Queen of England in 1988. Therefore THEIR Queen of Australia is only a piece of paper, not an individual and it doesn’t need protection.  They also removed Treason from their Criminal Code, which is also a Treasonous action.

Western Australia CRIMINAL LAW AMENDMENT ACT No. 70 of 1988

Thus, The Western Australian Parliament proved that they have No Crown Authority.


3 – 5G the ultimate weapon

You have seen this before – it is becoming deadly serious – and the COVID-19 connection with 5G and smartass devices, is becoming well understood.


Enjoy the rest of your days – remember who you are and why we are here in Terra Australis. Refresh your memory at the 9 mins to the end of


Jed Clampett























Banks closing Branches + Emergency Hospitals Australia + Reduce your Rates

1 – USA Banks closing Branches – a big

Aust. bank bail in approaching ?

Banks Implementing Emergency Protocols Nation Wide – Many Branches Shutting Down
William Mount | Mar 6, 2020

2 – Emergency Hospitals – Australia

The latest from my son in South Australia is that the Army is putting up 430 large hospital type tents per day around the Nation.   Hospitals will not cope and that’s why the tents.   Nothing has been told to us yet about that fact.   Just be prepared.       from Leonce     (Brisbane)

3 – COVID-19 scare is working

I think this might be a misprint .. only 230 centuries to wait ?


This is now and will increase ??

Costco 2

Grocery limits at Coles, Costco, Woolworths and Aldi in wake of coronavirus

Helping People is good for you too

4 – Reduce your Rates – letter to your Council may help






Fake Pandemic – 5G – Your cash – Corruption exposed + what you can do – Extreme weather + vegan diets.

1 – CORONAVIRUS HOAX: Fake Virus Pandemic Fabricated to Cover-Up Global Outbreak of 5G Syndrome

and part of that hoax

Why you must not use cash !  The $10k cash ban and the COVID-19 Connection


2 – GOV’T CORRUPTION ITEMS and What You can Do.

Have you noticed in Parliament Question Time – there are just a couple of Members arguing while the rest just sit there like stuffed mullets ? When did you last tell your Local Rep what to do and hammer him/her/it until they do their job ?

Ten years ago, Australia had five car manufacturers, Ford, GMH, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi. Now we have none.  All gone overseas … the reason given … costs were too high. Funny that the cars we are now importing are no cheaper than before.

Why did Holden shut down ?  7 mins   Listen closely from 06:25 on.


3 – Brigalow Corp Takeover of Australia


4 – Whitlam’s Secret Letters to the Queen, 1973. Part 1   14:34

Whitlam’s Secret Letters to the Queen, 1973. Part 2   30:39

Fraud upon Queen Elizabeth II and the fraud upon the Commonwealth. Part 3

View the letters here


5 – The UK has identified the unlawful government of Australia.

See clause 12 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 against clause 2.  Here we find the Governor of each State has not been dissolved for Australia Act clause 2 to be enacted.


6 – It would seem that the CEC people do not believe in our Constitution.

Whilst their work is good, non-use of the Constitution means they are dropping the ball on the use of it.  They claim it is owned by the UK and so, of no use.

Media Release Friday, 6 March 2020  From: Citizens Party Media Release <>

Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary
PO Box 376‚ COBURG‚ VIC 3058
Phone: 1800 636 432

A just tax solution: corporate withholding tax and financial speculation tax

After then-Treasurer Scott Morrison announced the $10,000 cash ban in the 2018 budget, his successor Josh Frydenberg estimated to Parliament that the government’s “black economy” interventions, of which the cash ban is one, would bring in an additional $5.3 billion in revenue over four years—tempting, to a government desperate to balance the budget.

“However, on the Parliament’s website, it states that most of the projected revenue from black economy interventions come from a one-off tax on tobacco stored in warehouses, a total of $3.6 billion”, intrepid citizen-researcher Melissa Harrison reported on “If you don’t include this one-off tax, Parliament’s website states the revenue is only $950 million! The cost of their black economy interventions are estimated to be around $345 million. Is it worth it? Is it worth all of this legislation that has been passed, and will continue to be passed? These have serious effects on the civil and economic liberties of everyday Australians.”

As usual, most politicians wouldn’t be aware of these details, being too lazy or too distracted to pay attention. They would assume that the cash ban will reduce tax evasion and increase government revenue, and think that’s a good thing.


7 – EUROPA – The Last Battle

The best documentary ever about true history of the world for the past 300 years – the banksters, the wars, the UN, the fake modern Israelie etc.  It is a whopping 12hrs and over 20 Gigabites … far too big for most people to download on smartass devices.  Get it on 4 x DVDs (posted in Aust) for a $50 donation

Naturally, I need your name and address and doc. that you have donated  Write  “EUROPA” in the subject of your email to me –


7 – Did CO2 cause extreme heat in the 1820′s? 


The media are in overdrive, making out that “the extreme heat is the new normal” in Australia. The Great Australian Heatwave of January 2013 didn’t push the mercury above 50C at any weather station in Australia, yet it’s been hotter than 50C (122F) in many inland towns across Australia over the past century. See how many are in the late 1800′s and early to mid 1900′s. You can’t blame those high records on man made global warming.  

hot 1800s

In explorer Charles Sturt’s time it was so hot that thermometers exploded. Was this Australia’s hottest day all the way back in 1828? It was 122F or 53.9C, considerably hotter than anywhere since.

8 – Combat of climate change through vegan diets – yeah  









Your $$ at risk – Corona Fraud – Fear 5G

1 – First up a couple of short Videos

see videos 3 and 4 on


2 – Three police cars destroyed in brazen arson attack

Note the comments from the policeman – He mentioned taxpayers $$ – he failed to mention that the vehicles are not Gov’t property – they are registered as Commercial vehicles owned by the private security company that employs people and gives them unregistered guns.

Police masonic2

Police car



3 – The crash is on – crush the cash ban and bail-in to survive! / To defeat Coronavirus: Fix the economy!


4 – Current and more dangerous Telstra 5G coverage – while you are distracted by Corona stuff. 

5 – The Chinese were all given mandatory vaccines 2019

How come OZONE is TOTALLY ignored, when OZONE would kill any virus, in less than a minute?
How come people don’t have OZONE generators in their homes?
How come the “Authorities” don’t inject OZONE, into the ventilation systems of public buildings?  Yes, some people might get uncomfortable and cough, but they could warn the real sensitive ones to go outside, while doing the process.

Feb 25 by David Robinson

The vaccine contained replicating, DIGITIZED (controllable) RNA which were activated by 60Ghz mm 5G waves that were just turned on in Wuhan (as well as all other Countries using 60Ghz 5G ) with the “smart dust” that everyone on the globe has been inhaling through chemtrails. That’s why when they say someone is “cured”, the “virus” can be “digitally” reactivated at any time and the person can literally drop dead. The Diamond Princess Cruise ship was SPECIFICALLY equipped with 60Ghz 5G. It’s basically remote assassination. Americans are currently breathing in this “smart” dust through chemtrails. Think of it like this….. add the combination of vaccines, chemtrails (smart dust) and 5G and your body becomes internally digitized and can be remotely controlled. A person’s organ functions can be stopped remotely if one is deemed non-compliant. Wuhan was a test run for ID2020. The elite call this 60Ghz mm 5G wave the “V” wave (Virus) to mock us. Trump has created a space force in part to combat this weaponized technology. We need to vehemently REJECT the attempted “mandatory vaccine” issue because our lives depend on it.

5 – China & Australia – police state already ?

Before you bleat – “render unto Caesar” – the current gov’t is not Caesar

China & Australia are operating in a police state effort under the cover of an exercise that is now unravelling.  Chinese Authorities Require Government Offices to Destroy Data Related to Coronavirus Outbreak

A response to the Previous email – Politicians increase control and surveillance by removing our right to use cash.    “It could require any Australian to give information about people that they’ve contacted or had contact with so that we can trace transmission pathways.” It’s disturbing how many news stories on this virus mention the ability to track potential virus spreaders … dare I say RFID = The chip ??


6 – One Person Dies, the World Stops?

Oh, boy, one person is said to have died of “Coronavirus” in Washington State, so the Governor declares a ‘state of emergency” — an indication that he is weak-minded and incompetent—- with the result that public panic is brewing in Washington State this afternoon.

70,000 people die from influenza (the flu) in a bad flu year.  Strangely, what makes a “bad flu year”?

Answer: coronal mass ejections, CME’s, sun flares, sunspots— the same solar radiation events that disrupt communications and interfere with everything.  And yes, there is a DIRECT correlation between “bad flu years” and CME’s.

But what if you could create this effect by man-made means?  Simply by increasing and varying local Electromagnetic (EM) exposure, using cell towers and radio and microwave transmitters, etc.?   Enter 5G…..and billions of cell phone receivers pulsing away silently in everyone’s pocket?


I am with Robert David Steele.  The situation in Wuhan is another kind of False Flag, one in which the Crisis Actors actually die, and the Government of China gets paid for their services post mortem.  And it is the result of both a weaponized (but low grade) British “Bug” being released on purpose and in tandem with the rollout of 5G in China.

6 – So, we have this mess, thanks to Evil in High Places.  

You have a much greater chance of dying from EM exposure or the common flu than you have of dying of any coronavirus—weaponized to be super-infectious or not.

As stated by Dr.Kelley:  “My successful cure rate of those born before 1950 can never be repeated.  The generation born between 1950 and 1960 now have a cancer rate of 1 out of 2 males and 2 out  of 3 females.  The generation born after 1980 has a cancer rate of 9 out of 10 in both male and female.  Most of this generation will not live to age 50.

Robert Steele – well worth a few minutes –  he’s on to it,


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