Kangaroo Is mining + Police buying up big + NBN exposed + Coronavirus no joke

1 – Mining company drilling plans for gold and zinc on Kangaroo Island

2 – Police buying up Devices for blasting crowds

3 – NBN exposed

4 – The Coronavirus is no joke

5 – Peace Declared in Israel. ?

6 – Greta Thunberg Incorporated

7 – News outlets are mostly repeating the same censored talking points. The lack of truly factual reporting is more than frustrating! Chinese Nurse tells us it is WORSE !

1 – Mining company drilling plans for gold and zinc on Kangaroo Island … How coincidental !


2 – Australian police buying up Long Range Acoustic Devices for blasting crowds … What are they preparing for ? 


3 – NBN exposed on The Project … told ya   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YeKabc0nxM&feature=youtu.be

4 – The Coronavirus is no joke  ONLY a “Chinese problem” you think? … Think again.

Three planes a week are coming into Darwin from China.  In 2018-19, there were 9.3 million short term visitor arrivals to Australia from overseas, the highest year on record.  China was the largest source country with over 1.4 million visitors nationally, it was also the largest source for NSW, Vic, SA, Tas. and the ACT. I have been told that there are several Coronavirus Strains, a few show no warning symptoms !

Quite apart from the purely medical aspect of the virus breaking out across the world – effects upon economies (and especially the Chinese economy) have potential financial and political ramifications.

Before the outbreak of the Wuhan Virus there were signs that the Chinese economy was not “travelling” well – a significant downturn due to the Wuhan Virus could be “piling Pelion upon Ossa”. The one thing that concerns (frightens, even) the Chinese Communist Party and it’s government – above all else – is “social stability”. The outbreak of civil unrest could affect that social stability and affect the Party’s ability to control the country.

The Chinese Communist Party’s mindset posits that all bad things that happen in China are a “plot” by foreign countries and their agents, to “suppress” China’s rightful ascendancy and to “keep China down”.  So their mindset gravitates towards the use of military force to achieve ascendancy and ensure social stability by appealing to Chinese patriotism.

The idea of a “small local war” quite likely has a foothold in the Chinese leadership, which would give that much needed “patriotic” boost to social stability. Quite possibly they discount the idea of a “small local war” widening into a regional (or even world) war – assuming that other nations only marginally affected would “turn a blind eye” to China’s expansion and the small war.

Very likely,  many of the Chinese leadership (and certainly the vast majority of Chinese people) are totally ignorant of wars and events outside China.

Just in – A new Vaccine for the China virus ?  The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is launching a rush program to develop a vaccine against the China coronavirus.  The goal?  To have a vaccine ready in an unprecedented  90 days.  And there you have it. An experimental vaccine.

What in the world could possibly go wrong?  One way to find out is to unleash it on millions of people, stand back, and see.  I’m sure you would volunteer for a test run of the vaccine, right? You would certainly offer up your child for a grand experiment, wouldn’t you?  And if you’re a doctor reading this, you’ll definitely inject the vaccine into unsuspecting patients, won’t you? Conscience is such an annoyance, isn’t it?

5 – PEACE DECLARED IN ISRAEL  as Plagues, Earthquakes & Famines Begin

For the “this generation”  prophesy fans – good news or otherwise? considering the current “State of Israel” has nothing to do with prophesy.  Mark 13.27 is not about the 72 year old (too long for a generation) regathering by the Balfour Declaration.


6 – Greta Thunberg Incorporated: The Exposé

28 mins (shorter than a sermon, for those who care really want to know.


7 – News outlets are mostly repeating the same talking points. The lack of truly factual reporting is more than frustrating! Chinese Nurse tells us it is WORSE !





Update from China – Jan 27th

First – A pic says 1000 words


Smuggled video from China dated 24 Jan


A message from a Shanghai resident

The Coronavirus is no joke. I’m currently living in Shanghai. Population 24 million so far.   Name withheld.

All the videos and posts online (about dead bodies lying in hospital hallways and collapsing people and Wuhan being boxed in) aside as I can’t personally verify them and I don’t wish to fear monger; Instead I will talk about what I know and have seen myself or from my family.

Just a few minutes ago Shanghai announced the closure of all highways and roads leading in and out of the city.

Yesterday Beijing announced the closure of the city to some degree as well. These are the two biggest cities in China, and they’ve started to go into isolation. This has never happened in history ever.

The list of quarantined cities are growing every day, and currently over 60 million people have been quarantined in Central China. That’s almost 3 times the population of Australia.

On all the projections and data that I’ve seen. Shanghai is the next major city after Wuhan to have the most infected, with Beijing being second.

Shanghai hospitals are full to the brim with patients who have flu and cold symptoms – which are also coronavirus symptoms.  Multiple hospitals have actually closed and shut down due to the amount of patients.

My aunty came down with a fever a few days ago, and it took over 8 hours to see a doctor for a few minutes. The doctors refused to test her for the virus and only advised her to self isolate at home.

The government is refusing to diagnose the virus, so that the official count of infected and the death toll remains unknown. I am hearing that a lot of deaths are marked as pneumonia since the victim was never diagnosed positively for Coronavirus.

The streets in Shanghai are like a ghost town. Partly also because of CNY where most of the people leave the city.   In a few days, CNY will be ending and hundreds of millions of Chinese (mainly in China but also many that are abroad) will be travelling back to the cities where they work and live. This will be prime time for the virus to spread harder and stronger.

There is no vaccine, and the only effective treatments so far are IV drops, hormonal injections, and recently discovered that HIV drugs are effective as well.

The virus can spread, even from someone who is not displaying symptoms. So stay away from anyone who has recently been to China. The virus can enter through the eyes, nose and mouth. Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands. Bring antibacterial handwipes and handwash with you everywhere. Wear hospital grade surgical masks or N95 material masks with a respirator when going out to protect the mouth and nose. I also wear gloves to keep my hands clean in case I touch any infected surfaces.

Currently, all supplies are pretty much sold out all through China. Masks are impossible to get no matter which province you’re in. Hand sanitizer and the likes are rapidly dwindling. Goggles are also out as I haven’t been able to buy any   so I recommend people in Australia to start stocking up.

In Shanghai the infected count is way higher than official reports, simply judging by the number of people in the hospitals who are afraid they have the virus. All it takes is for a few of them to actually have the virus, to then cough on others or on a surface, and then suddenly a clean person who has a fever from the flu gets sick.

I have multiple friends and acquaintances who asked for leave from their jobs in Shanghai, been denied the leave, and just straight out quit their job. Schools are also shut until Feb 17th, and if the situation hasn’t improved I have no doubt the closure would be extended.

Do not trust any official reports from China on what the situation is like over here. Censorship is rampant. At first China claimed it was all under control. But just yesterday Xi Jinping himself admitted the virus was accelerating and China was in grave danger. It’s not good when even a communist government admits it is *&# ed.

Vaccines themselves take months to develop, and then months and years to test and manufacture and distribute. We cannot count on a vaccine if this breaks out globally. Hopefully better treatments will be discovered meanwhile though I am unsure how antibiotics affect the virus.

Confirmed cases in Australia were spread from travelers who entered the country on the 19th of January. That was a week ago. During that week, there would have been hundreds more flights from China which statistically speaking would definitely contain virus carriers. Maybe Australia’s healthcare is good and the virus won’t run rampant there like it did in China. But better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

The virus has been closely compared to SARS in 2003. Since 2003 people travel a lot more, there are a lot more flights, and the world is just so unprepared for an epidemic right now. Moreover, SARS had an R0 of 2.5 (Every infected person infects 2.5 people) and Coronavirus is estimated to have an R0 of 3.8. The symptoms of SARS was also a lot more obvious. And most of the SARS infections came from a few superspreaders.

Coronavirus spreads strongly amongst anyone. The incubation period is longer, with reports saying 3 days to 14 days. During incubation it’s not infectious, but it gives time for the carriers to enter a clean corona-free society. Not every infected person will have a fever either. EDIT: Per a report by the Chinese Health Commission on Sunday, the virus IS infectious during incubation periods.

It’s worrying because there is nothing that China can do to contain the spread of the virus. The official death toll is growing daily and these are all eldery people. Which to me doesn’t mean only those with weak constitutions fall victim to the virus. These are still early days and I feel like the young and healthy just take longer to succumb to it.

By worrying I mean bloody scary. The situation here is in free fall and there’s nothing on the horizon that could possibly contain it.

Friends and family stay safe. If anyone has any questions about the situation in China just let me know.

EDIT: Many have asked for more information on the masks.  N95 disposable masks need changing every 4-6 hours of use.  Re-usable masks I would recommend also changing every 4-6 hours and washing it before using it again.  Smart usb-charging N95 masks should also need recharging every 4-6 hours.

Hospital surgical masks have to be worn with the blue side out and white side inwards. Blue is waterproof to prevent others coughing on you. White is absorbent so your coughs get absorbed. For this reason it’s good to change them every 4-6 hours as well

EDIT: According to a report by the Chinese National Health Commission, the virus is infectious during it’s incubation period which can last up to 14 days.

EDIT: A lot of people are informing me that this is nothing compared to influenza and the current flu season will kill a lot more. Let me help put this into perspective with some logic and common sense.

When influenza first hit the human population, there were no antibiotics for it, there was no vaccine. Guess how many people died in the first 6 months? Approximately 25 million people.

Coronavirus has JUST broken out, and ALREADY there are 50+ official deaths and numerous unrecorded ones. Influenza had no cure, no treatment, and 25 million died in 6 months. Coronavirus has a higher R0 rate, it has no cure, minimal treatment options, and definitely no vaccine. It causes pneumonia on top of the other influenza-like symptoms and it is a lot more stealthy. While we don’t have enough solid data to form a proper mortality rate for Coronavirus, these factors do mean there is a potential for just as many or more deaths as when influenza first broke out.

We DO have cures and treatments and vaccines for influenza but STILL tens of thousands of people die each year to influenza, despite having available treatments. This statistic just goes to show how deadly respiratory diseases are and how serious Coronavirus can be IF it breaks out. The statistic of more people dying from influenza does NOT make Coronavirus less deadly or severe, it makes it more deadly if anything!

#coronavirus #coronavirusoutbreak

Finally – Wuhan is apparently the world’s first smart city and there is much on social media about Bill Gates and vaccines and this virus.




Coronavirus – It’s Way Worse Than You Think: 65 million ?

People … this is way worse than media is portraying. Numbers of sick and dead in China are under-reported. Trucks are fumigating Chinese streets because people have dropped dead there … AND  people can be virus carriers WITHOUT having a temperature.  Stock up on Bleach … Iodine … Allicin ( garlic ) … Colloidal Silver… and Tea Tree Oil … they all kill all viruses on surface areas … and first, get right with The Father in Heaven.

1 – Watch this first – Bill Gates and Vaccines  2 mins

2 – Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You.

Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You!

No 3 – Mike Adams joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the corrosion of society and how close the reality of collapse is.

  https://banned.video/watch?id=5e2b7d6d91c32e0020701fd9   49 minutes


The Alex Jones Show   Channel link




11 minutes


Coronavirus Vaccines Patented As Outbreaks Appear Globally.   Alex Jones breaks down what is really going on as a patent for a Coronavirus vaccine is filed as outbreaks appear around the globe.


2 hours 53 minutes


Learn The Secrets of the Coronavirus Outbreak: Who’s Behind It & How Bad It’s Going to Get – FULL SHOW 1/24/20  Simulation claims up to 65 million deaths possible. Tune in as we uncover the truth behind the Coronavirus.








Coronavirus in China: 23 Million QUARANTINED, 2.8 Million Infected; 112,000 DEAD


In Australia:  Health authorities have confirmed one person in Sydney is in quarantine as of this morning after possibly contracting the potentially deadly coronavirus disease.  A suspected case now in Brisbane. NSW Health has confirmed it is investigating four possible cases of coronavirus in the state.

More on Coronavirus patent




I am Chinese from Wuhan, no one can leave the city or enter the city, total cases here is 170 dead, over 5000 infected   We cannot leave the city anymore, we cannot allow others to enter the city, the army is guarding all exit-entry point. All forms of mass transit have been locked down, including the airport, they will let us all die here.

I’m seeing soldiers in full hazmat suits here in Hanyang, from my second floor apartment window. They are spraying something fluid on the streets via large trucks using water cannons.

USING VPN, here it is not allowed to talk-criticize about the virus, jail sentence is sure if one does.  Fang Zhong, within the institute people are very very alarmed of what will happen to us

I know personally that at least two IOPCAS scientists have been put under house arrest, the virus is not what the WEST thinks, it is much more dangerous because it mutates from person to person, at first slightly, but could re-emerge under total different form within weeks. Our colleagues counted over 5000 cases within the city centre as of yesterday 1pm.

They will never let us leave the city, because the virus will spread within exponentially, doubling every two days, this is extremely contagious, the virus stays in the air for 24 to 48 hours.

People will panic, the sun rises very soon, most are unaware that the city is on total lockdown.  In Baofeng sector alone, our colleagues counted 1400 cases, many people have disappeared, their loved ones searching for them in hospitals.

I go to Central China University, I am from Changsha.
Do you have somewhere stocked with supplies where you can shelter in place for a few weeks (or months) where you can wait it out? Is your family trapped in the city with you ?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77547432
No, in China it is not possible, cameras see everything, we would be labelled as enemies and traitors, we must stay put and wait from Central Party orders.

There is panic and chaos in all are Wuhan hospitals, people are disappearing with no trace and no bodies are found.

What is the origin of this virus? I heard it originated from local food market. Probably some kind of animal was source.  Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78370173.    They say here Guinea pigs

All my family is outside the city, so they will be ok for now, they live in rural area, we fear about the water, we are wondering if the water gets infected, what do we do?  No more N95 masks can be found since last Sunday, not one left in the city   When people wake up, the entire city will want to leave, it’s going to be crazy, most people here are sleeping and don’t know they can’t exit the city.

I see people leaving, in my apartment block light are starting to blink, people are waking up and hearing the news, my neighbour is leaving, they say the roads are still free to get out of Wuhan, I don’t know, but there will be huge traffic jams.  The last planes are landing at the airport and the people don’t know they won’t be able to leave.

Thank you, yes I’m staying put, the University will be closed I think. Convoy of large army trucks here in Yuanbaoshan area in Wuhan.

No more power. It is confirmed, the army is securing road blocks at all entry exit points in Wuhan, they say it is a massive operation.

There are many people living here who are very poor, with bad health, supplies won’t be coming in anymore, or very little.  Our running water system is very weak, if the workers cannot get transportation to the plant, it will shut down (I got the answer to the question earlier)

I am leaving with a small cart my neighbour gave me for helping him, now going to buy as much food and drinking water as possible, my supermarket opens in 20 min.





True Flag + Admiralty Law + Fires and Smart City Plans

History Of The Peoples Commonwealth of Australia Flag … the Red Duster


Admiralty Law, UCC Law and Banks


An Amazing Site –  Fires and Smart Cities 

Lots of scary things, but these are the plans of Lucifer, whether they succeed or not is totally up to us individually and as a people.  God’s promises are conditional, 2nd Chron 7.14   Read and heed it.

Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy?

Boys and Girls remain male and female

I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same ideas. Therefore, every day I walk down the street and tell passers-by what I have eaten, how I feel at the moment, what I have done the night before, what I will do later and with whom.

I give them pictures of my family, my dog and of me gardening, taking things apart in the garage, watering the lawn, standing in front of landmarks, driving around town, having lunch and doing what anybody and everybody does every day.  I also listen to their conversations, give them the “thumbs up” and tell them I like them. And it works just like Facebook! I already have four people following me: two police officers, a private investigator and a psychiatrist.

for mail













Rates time ? … what are you gonna do ?

aaa 4If you write to any Local Council and you actually get a reply, they will nearly always claim they are “authorised” by some Local Government Act – that is a blatant lie – so let them know from the info below.  It is a lot to absorb but is it worth the thousands of dollars they attempt to extort from you ?  And get others to do likewise.  An effort by just a handful of people will go nowhere – now is the time for thousands to act. PASS THIS ON FOR YOUR SAKE AND THEIRS.

No one will do it for you.  Is it worth the thousands of dollars they will attempt to extort from you ?

These items may help,  but first read all on    https://larryhannigan.com/government-local/18-history-of-local-councils/

Item 1    1. JUDICIARY ACT 1903 – SECT 78B

Item 2    8. ATO Interpretative decision 2005.pdf

Item 3    ATO

Item 4   Download Your My Will Letter

New video from Wayne  Video 6 on


Something to ponder  –

What kind of individual (including Pastors) does not warn his neighbours and submits to local thieves, liars and extortionists who pretend or even believe they are legit Gov’t ?  Possibly the degree of belief those councillors and staff have of their legitimacy would be proportional to their fat salaries.

Now before you bleat “render unto Caesar”, those thieves and liars are not Caesar, nor is the ATO nor is the State Gov’t.  But “it’s all inevitable and we are in end times” ?  The 1948 Israel generation adherents seem to forget that a Bible generation is 40 years, or even 70 years by some interpretations.  Well 2020 is out of time for that idea.  Matt 24.31 tells us who will gather the elect, and it’s not because of the 1917 Balfour Declaration stunt.  Christ is not gonna come rushing back just because of potential war or rumours of war in Iraq or wherever.

I would even suggest that those who have their version of prophesy all figured out, are the same hiding in the pews on the Vatican Sabbath, and possibly half of them treat Mark 10. 11-12 as a joke. Christ told us the when of his return in Matt 24. 13-14.   So meantime, be a decent individual, teach your neighbours to not submit to the thugs in your community. Lead by example, do not submit to “legal” extortion … obey Eph 5.11. If civil disobedience is a problem, then civil obedience is worse.

PS – Inert Pastors (watchmen) are on notice in Jeremiah 23 and Isaiah 56. 10-12 … Remind them.










Why there are so many fires along the eastern seaboard?

Why there are so many fires along the eastern seaboard of Australia cleaning out all the forests aust fires

Labor to spend $1b on bullet train route from Melbourne to Brisbane via Sydney

Mr Albanese said it was important to start to buy the land now to protect it from developers. The move follows the advice of federal agency Infrastructure Australia, which warned in a 2017 report that a failure to acquire the necessary land could add $11 billion to the cost of building the line.



All the lies by the Presstitute MSM who label people who have produced documents and evidence of the fast train, are labeled the same old ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ with no proof, just denying, lying and ridicule from those who are either complacent in the narrative like the Port Arthur Massacre,  the Bali bombing, vaccinations and many subjects.

Black Friday – Victoria 13 Jan 1939  

The Royal Commission into ‘’Black Friday’’ concluded; “There had been no fires to equal these in destructiveness or intensity in the history of settlement in this State, except perhaps the fires of 1851, which, too, came at summer culmination of a long drought.

As Orwell noted;  “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

And yet today we are being told by our leaders that this is the NEW NORMAL???  We are being brainwashed into believing the GOSPEL of the NEW religion of CLIMATE CHANGE!!

Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it – only this time it has a new and dangerous name, and a global religion behind it. The altar has been built and our gullibility is about to be offered upon it!!


Black Saturday

Is this Child Abuse ?










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