PM Scomo bans 5G in his suburb ?

If this is true – be very concerned …

I doubt it is true, but wish is was.

It has been relayed to me that Scott Morrison has banned 5G in his own suburb.  It was private info from his neighbour in Port Hacking …

This reminds me of Tony Abbott allegedly exempting his children from vaccination.

Surely, most pollies etc have seen the video below by Sacha Stone. What they are doing with this lethal smart crap, but not a squeak about it, especially from any pulpit. Instead of refereeing fights about river water, and allowing the Chinese to buy up cheap drought stricken Australian farms … of course he knows about 5G, but he is under the thumb of his UN bosses of Agenda 21, as are Local Councilors as  in my last mail out   How may of you have laid charges, or do you really want what they have in store for you ?

True or not –  you had better watch this below and then decide why you want to keep your beloved smart phone – throw it in the bin. Get a simple Nokia type phone – yes, you will be able to make and receive phone calls and store the phone numbers of your friends.









1 – Wayne explains the USA ownership of Australia and how to use it in court

1 – Wayne explains the USA ownership of Australia and how to use it in court

2 – No doubt, some of you will run to Snopes to see if what Wayne says is true – look here first

3 – What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do. – John Ruskin (1819 – 1900)

4 – MedicareYou are an older senior citizen and you can no longer take care of yourself and need Long Term Care, but the government says there is no Nursing Home care available for you, what do you do?

You may opt for Medicare Part G.  The plan gives anyone 75 or older a gun (Part G for gun) and one bullet. You may then shoot one worthless politician of either side.  This means you will be sent to prison for the rest of your life where you will receive three meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating and air conditioning, cable TV, a library, and all the health care you need.

Need new teeth?  No problem.  Need glasses? That’s great. Need a hearing aid, new hip, knees, kidney, lungs, sex change, or heart?  They are all covered!

As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit you at least as often as they do now! And, who is paying for all of this? The same government that just told you they can’t afford for you to go into a nursing home; plus, you get rid of a useless politician while you are at it.

And now, because you are a prisoner, you don’t have to pay taxes. Is this a great country or what!   Now that you have solved your senior Long-Term Care problem, enjoy the rest of the week!

5 – Fascinating – a Vatican coin from 1985 … look closely at the top … chemtrailer ??


6 – Some children can get away from playing games on their mobile phones and play and laugh and have fun frolicking with their pets.







Wayne Glew updates on Magna Carta + Charges + the 18 USA Companies that own Australia.

Despite hearsay and rumours and lies, Wayne still owns his property and explains how and why.  If you do not learn and act on this info, you are a willing part of the destruction of our country.  Is doing your bit not a part of Love Thy Neighbour ?  It’s up to you, but one day sooner or later, you will have to tell your kids why you ignored it, or hid in the pews.  Oh yes, you have a job, a good salary for now, hopefully in an honest business, but for how long ??   If you care at all, you will watch this video,

Wayne refers to 4 previous videos found above this one, on video 3 … ie Wayne Glew v Greenough Shire. Remember, Wayne nor anyone else can do it alone – he needs you too.

The 18 Companies you can download for the day you will surely need it. Australis-Commonwealth-DUNS-numbers

also here

Application Form

The Magna Carta    should be laminated and put on your wall


Bill Of Rights 1688 + 1689 + Cestui Que Vie Act 1666


Here again are the charge sheets you can lodge against anyone acting criminally anyone while pretending to be authorised by some “gov’t

A Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 1997-2003)

B Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 2007)

Any person can lodge a charge against a pretend Govt employee by simply doing so at the local magistrate’s court.  It is a Criminal Charge, so a magistrate cannot hear it, he must pass it up to a higher Court.  After you have lodge it, you might inform the one you have charged, maybe a harassing Councillor or police who may back off ???  The charge will remain until they disprove it.   This is not legal advice, just a thought eh.

Note on top of the Charges list – they were an accessory to the crimes and have shared in the plunder via extortion through rates, fines and fees. Also remember that most houses were built without council interference and permits. Most town halls were built voluntarily.

And don’t forget the Nuremberg Principles which are adopted world wide.  Principle IV. The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.

When you lodge, at the local magistrate’s court, they will give you a proof of service sheet to complete once you have served the charge sheet containing the one you have named. The day will come – so keep your paperwork in a safe place !


(C’wlth) CRIMES ACT 1914 – SECT 13

Institution of proceedings in respect of offences

Unless the contrary intention appears in the Act or regulation creating the offence, any person may:

(a)  institute proceedings for the commitment for trial of any person in respect of any indictable offenceagainst the law of the Commonwealth; or

(b)  institute proceedings for the summary conviction of any person in respect of any offence against the law of the Commonwealth punishable on summary conviction.









Around Australia there are many good people working together to help everyone understand how the political party corporate government has taken HM Queen Elizabeth the Second (of the UK) out of the Constitution, resulting in a lawless government.  We can all learn and act now to get back to our lawful Commonwealth of Australia government.

We are lucky to have been freely given the hard work by Paul Capocasa to share with you. He has spent a lot of effort researching the charges to lay against the corrupt and treasonous politicians and pretend Govt employees. Now that he has submitted his charges to those named in his Summons he has given us permission to share the summons template with everyone.

Now you can prepare your own Charge & Summons to issue to anyone you can prove has behaved criminally or treasonously, or both.

If you do not know enough about Common Law and the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, please ask for advice from someone who has studied them. A CPO must be well-versed in the law, but others may also be able to help.   Dick Yardley’s book  is also a big help, as Dick has compiled all the crimes and treason the political parties have committed, with references to the laws they have broken.

Keep reading to get the template to Lay Your Charges

Once you have prepared your Charge & Summons you can lodge a charge against someone by simply doing so at the local magistrates court.   Crimes Act Sec 13.  They will give you a proof of service sheet to complete once you have served the charge sheet on the individual named.  Download your sample Charge Sheet & Summons – see below

But first – from Paul Capoasa – the author

Dear Larry – Here is the final version of the “Charge sheet” for Constitutional breaches.  Anything in red needs to be updated with the details of whoever is sending the sheet in.

– They need to include their own House of Representatives MP

– The date

– Their own instrument ID  (Can be anything you can remember)

– The accused name in “Title Case” (e.g. Scott Morrison) –

– The reply address of sender and change colour to black

– Remove the opposite gender of sender and change colour to black.

This is not a 100% PERFECT document and if anyone can add a valid breach, it is encouraged.

It is also encouraged to send this to Senators, Police (Specific name & Badge number), Judges, Lawyers, Councillors, Mayors, Council CEO’s…and anyone else who is NOT taking our laws, “Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act” seriously.

In 1942, Chief Justice of the High Court,  John Latham made a PUBLIC ruling that the highest law in this country is “Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act” and no legislation can over rule it.  In 2003 Chief Justice of the High Court Michael Kirby, said the same thing.

Print your Charges template here

There are 2 versions (Identical content) depending on what people can open….”Word 1997-2003″….and “Word 2007”.

1 – Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 1997-2003)

2 – Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 2007)

Best regards,

Paul Capocasa


Study time – stuff you really must know

Category – Australia – Item 05     3 videos

In the 1st Video – listen carefully what the Queen told us in 1957

Please play your part in the recovery of our once great home and country.









Morrison + Megachurches + Pastors + Atheists + Christians

1 – Scott Morrison – not what he seems ?

2 – How megachurches are redefining Churchianity

3 – Why is your Pastor Inert ?

4 – Something for the Atheists

5 – Something for Christians


Pollies owned

1 – Scott Morrison – not what he seems

2 – How megachurches are redefining Churchianity 

Services at some Pentecostal mega-churches in Australia are drawing crowds in the thousands.  Pentecostal churches are growing, while other Christian denominations are declining. Why ?   Read the full story

3 – Why is your Pastor Inert ? 

On the surface, it’s all about $$ and tax exemption. Of course they will deny this or are totally ignorant of it.  your church is a 501(c)(3) Corporation (or has an ABN), it is now under the direction and dictates of The Government, NOT GOD.  The State/Government Corporation/Beast, has given your church permission to be called a church. This is ONLY for income for those in higher offices, and you as a church member can prove this to yourself if you will bother to learn.  If your Church does not break away from the Government Corporation, it is time for YOU to break away from your church and start your own local worship services in your home and stay away from what you used to call your church!

Also, because the Executive Order was written about the Noachide Laws, Government will soon decree that YOUR church WILL worship the Beast and the Image of the Beast and no other, or you will be taken to prison and killed! The Time spoken of in the Bible is here.  2 videos


4 – Something for the Atheists

5 – Something for Christians









Wayne Glew + Depopulation + Treason + Bank fraud + Climate Change in court

1 – Wayne Glew Update

2 – Depopulation has begun

3 – Jeremy Lee warned us in 1991

4 – Brian Shaw – what is treason

5 – Which Bank – another banker jailed for fraud

6 – Federal MPs – safety fears.

7 – Climate change hoax collapses in Court

8 – Living near the Mexican Border


1 – Wayne Glew – see video 2 – on

2 – Depopulation has begun     See Video 2 on

3 – Jeremy Lee warned us in 1991

4 – Brian Shaw – what is treason – scroll down to  Brian Shaw Discussion 11    and  59:17

5 – Which Bank   Lee Zaragoza stole almost half a million dollars from the Commonwealth Bank over five years to feed a gambling habit, but it was a luxury Range Rover that eventually spelt his undoing.   As a senior manager, the 38-year-old had daily access to a number of internal accounts, from which he would routinely reimburse and credit payments to customers – and himself.

6 – Federal MPs – safety fears.   Well Well Tut Tut – have they not brought it on themselves.  The Hon. Member for Somewhere … Hon = Honourable ??


View all comments

Aggressive and violent incidents involving federal MPs have sparked a spike in referrals to national security agencies, with a bipartisan group of parliamentarians warning that Australia’s increasingly toxic political debate could lead to tragic consequences.  Several incidents, including a man brandishing a knife in an MP’s office, eggings, and direct threats of rape have sparked fears from MPs that they are “sitting ducks” at public events.  A knife brought into an MP’s office, eggings, dangerous protests and shoes hauled at politicians are some of the Australian political security scares over the years.

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age   have been told the Australian Federal Police has experienced an increase in reports about direct threats to MP safety over the past two years, with many installing private security cameras at home at their own expense.  Some MPs are referring direct threats on their lives to security agencies at least monthly and federal police are now providing risk assessments for certain elected representatives ahead of public appearances.

Swedish politicians have no official cars, offices, titles, use public trains  by Joseph Omotayo
As interesting as it may sounds, Sweden does not offer luxury or privileges to its politicians as they live like other ordinary citizens of the country.
 Swedish ministers and Members of Parliament (MPs) do not have official cars or private drivers, they travel and transport around like everyone else in crowded public buses and trains, Mail and Guardian reports.
Also, the Swedish ministers do not have any parliamentary immunity and are tried in court like anybody facing trail would be.
Another interesting thing to note about the politicians is that they do not have private secretaries in their offices and their office are reportedly as small as 8m2.
“I’m the one who pays the politicians, and I see no reason to give them a life of luxury,” Joakim Holm, a Swedish citizen said.
Politicians who spend public money on taxi rides instead of using the public train end on news headlines as even the speaker of the parliament has a card to use on public transport.
Only the prime minister, however, has the luxury of using a car from the security forces on a permanent arrangement.
The politicians also do not earn big as their salaries are just about two times more than that of an elementary school teacher.
It is even way lower at the municipal level as Swedish councilors do not earn a salary or have an office, they work from home.
Sweden is a country without excellences as it treats its public office holders as ordinary citizens without privileges.
PAY ATTENTION: Download our mobile app to enjoy the latest news update Meanwhile, earlier reported that the N13.5 million monthly salary being paid to each of the 109 senators in the country was defended by Senator Ahmed Lawan, who said the major component of the amount is for oversight assignment allowances. Lawan, who is contesting for Senate presidency of the ninth National Assembly, said there would be no reduction of the amount if he becomes the next Senate president.
According to the lawmaker representing Yobe North, there is nothing like jumbo pay for senators since each of them goes home with about N1 million monthly and allowances for oversight functions.

7 – Climate change hoax collapses in Court   Climate change hoax collapses as Michael Mann’s bogus “hockey stick” graph defamation lawsuit dismissed by the Supreme Court of British Columbia

Climate Change

Gareth Icke … ‘For the past two decades, much of the hysteria about global warming — later re-labeled “climate change” — has been based on the so-called “hockey stick” graph produced by Michael Mann. The graph, shown below, has been used by the IPCC, the media and governments to push global warming hysteria to the point of mass mental illness, where Democrat presidential candidates claim humanity only has 12 years remaining before a climate apocalypse will somehow destroy the planet.

But the hockey stick graph is a fraud. A man-made computer software algorithm generated it, and the algorithm is rigged to produce a hockey stick shape no matter what data were entered. Like everything else found in the rigged world of “climate science,” the hockey stick graph was a fraud the day it was generated.

Michael Mann didn’t like being called a fraud by his critics, so he sued them for defamation. And late last week, one of those lawsuits was concluded by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada, which threw out Mann’s lawsuit against Dr. Tim Ball. But there’s more. According to Principia-Scientific:     Not only did the court grant Ball’s application for dismissal of the nine-year, multi-million dollar lawsuit, it also took the additional step of awarding full legal costs to Ball. A detailed public statement from the world-renowned skeptical climatologist is expected in due course.

This extraordinary outcome is expected to trigger severe legal repercussions for Dr Mann in the U.S. and may prove fatal to climate science claims that modern temperatures are “unprecedented.”’
Read more: Climate change hoax collapses as Michael Mann’s bogus “hockey stick” graph defamation lawsuit dismissed by the Supreme Court of British Columbia


8 – Living near the Mexican Border    The urgency to have a wall built at the border may not seem like a crisis for some, but for those living close to the border the crisis is all too real … One such person is Kari Wade, who, with her family, owns a ranch just 50 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Where’s the fire?”  in reference to building the wall and more technology along the border states.? Mrs. Wade explains:

1 – The “fire” is  finding dead human bodies on your ranch,

2 – the “fire” is finding domestic pig ears in your stock tanks when there isn’t a domestic pig for 25 miles,

3 – the “fire” is waking up to unknown people talking in your attic,

4 – the “fire” is dogs barking all night when your closest neighbor is 7 to 25 miles away depending on the direction… to suddenly realize there are people just outside your barn.??

5 – The “fire” is having to come home after dark and needing to carry a rifle to go feed your livestock after Border Patrol tells you they only caught 9 of the 15 they were looking for.

6 – The “fire” is making a choice… do I take my child with me to a dark barn to feed the stock and hold the flashlight, or lock him in the house, so you decide to lock him in the house and call a friend to let them know he’s home alone and if they don’t hear back from you in a certain amount of time to please come check on us.

7 – The “fire” is you don’t feel comfortable letting your children play outside without being with them or within?? eyeshot of them. The “fire” is having large drug busts on your ranch.

8 – The “fire” is feeling sick to your stomach every time the helicopter swirls your house because you know they are chasing people… because you can hear them on the loudspeaker talking to them.

9 – The “fire” is seeing the Border Patrol camera set-up 1/2 mile from your house.

10 – The “fire” is coming home after dark… your children are driving in front of you (one is of age to drive), and there are officers on your road watching illegals 1/4 to 1/2 mile from your house and you have to call your children and tell them to keep driving, don’t stop at the house.

11 – The “fire” is coming home to your backdoor wide open… and wondering if they found the guns… and should you go inside???

12 – The “fire” is real for me, my family, and my community.








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