22 – Pastor Omar Thibeaux – Sermons

Who today is taught very much about the the Bible, our Father’s instruction book today ?  Is this familiar ?  “Come to our church on the Vatican sabbath” –  plenty of songs (rarely hymns) – occasionally Communion – lotsa sermons about “Jesus loves you” etc(nothing wrong with that)  – followed by how to “be a good slave – pay your illegal rates and taxes – come to our church picnic – come to our working bee on God’s Sabbath, and don’t forget that God needs your money”

PASTOR OMAR THIBEAUX   In 1997, Omar Thibeaux, an ordinary 21 year old, encountered an extraordinary God. He was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ radically and has never been the same. A vessel that was once filled with void and the unknown was given a purpose that was beyond all he could imagine or even think. He began preparing for his calling by attending New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2006, he accepted his calling to the ministry. Since 2007, Pastor Omar Thibeaux has shepherd the flock of Philadelphia Christian Church.

This sermon is a breath of fresh air in these end times. Sadly, many will make up their mind after a few minutes and reject the full messages ?

Video 1The Hebrew Cosmology

Video 2 – The Book of Enoch

If you want more from this man – Youtube – omar thibeaux.