02 Who Owns The Australian Taxation Office? Who is the CEO? Who Are The Shareholders?



OK, let me get this straight. the “Commonwealth of Australia” is a for-profit corporation, listed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and all the departments, agencies, authorities, courts and local councils in Australia, including the police and the tax office, are similarly for-profit corporations, presumably wholly owned by the “Commonwealth of Australia”. So, if the tax office wants me to pay income tax, then presumably there is a contract somewhere which I have signed, in full knowledge of what I was doing, that is, without having been subjected to fraud and misrepresentation, under which I have agreed to pay the tax office said income tax. Can the tax office please produce that contract? And can the tax office please produce the terms and conditions, in particular, those related to terminating the contract? To the best of my knowledge, I have never signed any such contract, and never been shown these terms and conditions, and, in particular, have never been alerted to any terms and conditions which may have stopped me from signing the contract. I do not wish to pay income tax. Income tax does not go to fund roads and hospitals, or unemployment benefits or old-age pensions, but goes to the Reserve Bank of Australia, a for-profit corporation owned by overseas bankers, as part of the interest due on the “money base”, money borrowed by the Commonwealth from the Reserve Bank, who counterfeit this money, that is, create this money and loan it to the Commonwealth at interest passing it off as legal tender without ever having been given permission by the people of Australia to do so.

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