01 – Flat or Globe Earth – the big lie

Since our first day at kindergarten, we were presented with the globe model of our Earth, followed by an unquestioning lifetime of sci-fi movies and scientism from alleged education.  This and following videos are investigations which reveal that the Earth as we know it, cannot be a globe.  Despite maps and ideas for thousands of years, no one can claim that their version of idea is the correct one. Why, simply because no one can get high enough to take a true photo, despite all the fakes from photo shop and CGI, mostly from NASA.

The idea of a spinning globe in a vast Godless universe is only a few hundred years old, as you will see in following items on https://larryhannigan.com/makes-you-think/.    Items 23a onward

Meanwhile more and more people are seeking the truth and it will be revealed in God’s time.

A short one to begin