16 – The Best of Nasa fakes – what are they hiding

By Ted Twietmeyer

Here is the problem. There are those who have said we went to the Moon, and those who say we did not.

Decades ago this conundrum was solved for me by a very good, honest man. He worked in the same profession I did, and had a reputation for being a very honest man. When I came upon some photos years ago taken on the moon (some of which are in your link above without credit and were in one of my articles years ago, such as the undisturbed soil under the lander engine) he casually replied, “How could we?” I asked him “What do you mean?”

Then he went on to tell me this which I’ll never forget:

“We did a switching system for NASA at ITI. NASA demanded that every supplier of systems to them have a engineer on site at JPL. I was sent there along with other engineers from other companies, and we just stood around in case a system went down and watched monitors. We figured we were watching the same video feeds the public was and it was boring. As Apollo 11 was in the final landing minutes, suddenly these disc-like objects started buzzing the Lander.”

So I asked him, “What happened next?” He replied, “Well, NASA went into a panic. They kicked all the press out of the building and locked the doors. Then they held a quick meeting to decide whether or not to abort the mission. Since it was such an important space mission for the country, they decided to continue it. Then the video suddenly shifted to a similar one, and no discs were seen anymore.”

Public was told there was a field of boulders where they were going to land, and that’s why manual control was taken from the computer in the last few minutes to find a landing site.

More likely manual control was used to dodge the UFOs buzzing the spacecraft. Probably the back up footage of the landing made by the late Kubrick was used.
Some of the items in the link you gave are well known. Here is my conclusion: Yes, we DID land on the Moon. But we never were allowed to see what happened there, at least for Apollo 11. If the UFOs were buzzing the lander, then they probably were parked on the Moon near the lander to watch. Some evidence of this: There was a ham operator who did hear one communication from the Moon to JPL – “NASA, we´re not alone up here.”

Yes, there definitely are faked photos. I expect the originals were fogged from solar radiation or had UFOs in them, so they were re-created in a studio. I’ve written a number of articles on rense.com that show an abundance of evidence for re-taken photos. But it is wrong to conclude that these photos indicate no one landed on the Moon.

An engineer at England’s deep space tracking station testified on camera in a documentary “Signals came from the Moon. I can easily tell signals from Apollo were coming from deep space.” After all, a vehicle in low Earth orbit moving at 14,000MPH in Earth orbit would track with a 200ft dish very differently from one out in deep space. Indeed, in deep space they would almost appear stationary. In orbit, they would traverse one horizon to the other in about 3 minutes.

The information from my late friend ties it all together.