02 – What is S.P.E.R.?

State Penalty Enforcement Registry ABN 13 846 673 994 … is one of the many trading names under the Attorney General (also a Private Company). SPER is a Private Company and is absolutely no part of lawful Government – a “debt collector” for “fines” – So who gets your $$ hmm ?


(Scroll down the list – check out all the Private Company Business Houses registered there – these are private companies – little more than “Mafia style” bagmen – any legal authority they may claim (under their various Acts, etc) is not lawful.

A business name, with an ABN number, is not a legal entity. … therefore:

1. It cannot contract in it’s own right.
2. It cannot own anything (such as property or rights)
3. Any contract made in the name of a company is completely void.
Further any court orders made in regard to it are also void and of no effect,
4. Only individuals can make and sign contracts with each other
JOHN SMITH the legal name (person), is fiction. and is not an individual
JOHN SMITH is the fiction created from John Smith’s Birth Certificate
John Smith is the real flesh and blood individual
John Smith can do business while acting as XYZ (Company) but a business name does not have a separate legal entity of it’s own. thus 1, 2 and 3 above.
5. ABC company cannot sue John Smith.
6. Make all your correspondence to the individual employee – not the Company – no Company can accuse – speak or write nor make phone calls !!

Confirm this with the Australian Government Business Section, and also with a lawyer (if you can find one who knows and who is willing to tell it as it is).

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