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The Community Law Resource Association is holding a one day seminar outlining many court cases that can/may assist peoople.

Would you like assistance with High Court, State Supreme Courts, English cases and some other countries cases regarding several issues that people have or may be experiencing including unlawful fines, your rights in a public place, in your home, how politicians should be providing for the people, on how corporations to serve, lawyers duty to client, due administration of justice, freedom of media and other subjects more will be discussed .

Please find a copy of the flyer for the event and also a registration form for people who may not want to register on internet or who may not have internet.  These registration forms can be delivered to any CLRA Venue or visit http://www.clra.info

You are welcome to circulate this if you choose to.

Flyer for Registration



Melbourne – June 29 and 30

Sunshine Coast – August 3 and 4

Gold Coast – November 3 and 4



Schedule 2018


Council Class Action 

As they say it does not matter that it is in VIC as the class action will start in VIC and extend to other states or the court action will apply and be valid to all other states once it is actioned in court .
Andrew Scott
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