12 – The planned Alien Invasion

The Coming ID4/Contact Scenario

THE Greatest Deception of All Time: Fake Alien Invasions!

By now, most of you will have seen or heard about the movie, “Independence Day: 4th of July.” This movie is just one of the two the latest and most impressive of many which have helped to prepare the people of America and the world at large who have access to the motion picture media for an encounter with beings far superior to them in technology. The movie, “Contact” is the latest of the two and is a ripper – visually and conceptually. One shows malevolent aliens while the other shows benevolent ones. They are the “Bad Cop – Good Cop” routine for 1997. Reacting to either scenario in real life would still be going in the direction the Earth’s “sheep” are being herded by the usurping shepherd spoken of by the Hebrew prophets of old. Neither tells the truth about G-D and the coming Tribulation period on Earth….. We can only advise you to be clever in discerning the bulldust from the Truth… Your eternal life depends upon it whether you accept that fact or not….

Many philosophies have spoken of the day when “Aliens” or “the Creators” or “the fallen sons of God” or “our Elder Brothers” or “the Pleiadiens” or their equivalent would arrive on Earth to set things right in the environment and in human relationships. Most agree this day is almost upon us. There is, however, a strong warning in the Judeo-Christian and even some Islamic philosophies which would suggest that we be very careful when receiving beings thought to be messengers from God in our cultures.

The prevailing warning runs something like this: There will be a wave of nasty insect-like “aliens” who will afflict the people and livestock of the planet for a while. Their presence will be admitted by the governments who will have finally accepted they are powerless to stop them.

Miraculously, a second group of handsome, human-looking “aliens” purporting to be our ancient “brothers” and “creators” under the leadership of a self-declaring ‘hero’ will appear to deliver us from these nasty creatures. They will, however, prove to be as deceptive as the aliens portrayed in Warner Brothers’ 1984-85 mini-series movie entitled, “V”. They will have delivered us from the first group whom they had engineered from the start to be our common, ‘undefeatable’ enemies.

There will be a third group of messenger beings who really will be from our Creator…. from God. Under the leadership of our true Champion, the Messiah, they will overthrow the second group and a true age of peace and prosperity and longevity will begin on the Earth…. and will last for a thousand years….. so say the ancient warnings and encouragements….

I would suggest this is an excellent time for all concerned people to consider what happens to them after they die. I have been steering my own family and friends toward a strong and clear relationship with the Being named Y’shua Ben Elohim Ben Adam Ben Y’srael Mosshiahnoo… (Jesus our Messiah, in English).

I know we are not alone in what is about to happen. There is an army of beings who have the authority and technology to deliver us against this incredible darkness that is suffocating our world and its people. I put my faith and trust in their commander-in-chief: God Almighty.

If you want to be sure you have signed-on to God’s team…. then see Salvation and Spiritual Links….. for more information. – in Stan and Holly Deyo’s opinion.

The following two UFO photos ARE FAKE. I made them on my computer using the saucer from the movie, “V”. The purpose of showing you these photos is to illustrate the psychological impact difference between numerous small “UFOs” and one HUGE “UFO”.

These photos go with my discussion of the imminent “arrival” of either real or fabricated “alien” craft on Earth. It is my belief that mankind is being suckered into accepting a global government which will (ostensibly) result from the arrival of friendly aliens to help mankind out of his current global mess.

The problem I find with this whole unfolding drama is that the Bible clearly warns us of a tremendous deception in the last days of this Age. Furthermore, that this deception would be spearheaded by the emerging new world leader (who is the long-expected antichrist) with the support of technological weapons supplied by “alien gods”….

Believers in the teachings of the Bible and in the authority of The Messiah: Y’shua Ben Elohim v Adam (Jesus in the greek language) are advised to watch out and avoid this great deception…. I hope you will research this concept on your own… and SOON….

You probably aren’t aware of it; but mankind already possesses the technology and industrial capacity and secure means to produce an air/spacecraft of immense size. The technology to deceive is like a magician’s sleight of hand. Who would think that by using helium-filled sections, one could build a craft some 1.5 to 2 kilometres in diameter which would not collapse under its own weight? Who would believe that we have the air propulsion technology to swirl an air or water vortex out, ahead of and then bending back around and into the back of a saucer-shaped craft to give it tremendous acceleration?… Who would believe that we have had uniform acceleration craft using electromagnetic fields as the prime movers since the early 60s?…. Who indeed….

For those of us who have either worked inside of these technological labs or come into close contact with those working on the inside of them, the foregoing technologies are a fact… a fact…. May GOD help those who do not or will not see through the coming deception. —Stan Deyo